No Effort Income Explained. Is it Really Possible to do This?

No Effort Income promotes a way of making money that I am familiar with, but not a proponent of and in this article, I’ll explain why.

Here’s are the most important things to know about No Effort Income:

no effort income review

Creator: Dave B.

Price: Initially $0 but in reality, to join what is behind this program (I’ll explain what that means shortly), you have to pay at least $3,247 and if you choose, 3 higher levels of which the biggest is $21,847.

The higher you invest into this opportunity, the more you can make from it and the $21,000+ offer is what entitles you to the highest commissions from this opportunity.

My rating for No Effort Income: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Do I recommend it?

Here’s the bottom line: You can make money from this approach, but there are in my opinion very important and objective risks to keep in mind about No Effort Income, all of which I’ll be covering in this post.

Alternatives (it’s a promotion):

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Let’s begin this review of No Effort Income. Here’s what it is:

No Effort Income, and Dave B, it’s creator is actually a promoter (affiliate) for a high ticket system which I have reviewed numerous times across other sites doing this same thing, aka the one which costs the $1,000s to join that I indicated above.

Here are some other sites that are basically a copy of No Effort Income:

These are 4 of many other examples of sites doing the exact same thing No effort Income is: Their creators are all affiliates for what appears to be one giant high ticket program.

They are all promoting this program through basically the same kind of sales page which gets people to call a “success hotline” which is in experience is likely to be some sort of sales pitch hotline more than anything else.

But what is the pitch? Well this is where we get into the following topic:

How does one make money with “No Effort Income”?

Well first of all, we’ve established that No Effort Income isn’t an official program name. You are really joining what’s behind it, and very soon in this review, I’ll explain why that particular high ticket program is the biggest red flag in this entire online sales funnel.

But first, let me say that money can be made through this system and here’s how:

First you have to invest in one of the 4 packages (levels):

no effort income prices screenshot

  1. Once you do, my suspicion is that you’re given that same sales page you joined from.
  2. Then you are given the option to buy leads to send to this same website.
  3. Those leads who visit the page, call up the “success hotline” and pay to join the company, become your referrals.
  4. You make a sale for each referral depending on which one joined and for what level.
  5. In other words, you do what Dave B does, which is promote this same company.

Technically, the more leads you buy or send to the page, the more opportunity there is to make money (more people see the promotion means more people can buy it).

This is where the “No Effort Income” part comes into the picture (at least in theory):

My understanding of this system (and this comes from reviewing the nearly dozen others like No Effort Income, 4 of which I already shared with you), is this:

  1. You “just” have to spend money on one of the 4 options.
  2. But don’t worry about spending $1,000s (I’m being sarcastic here) because:
  3. Once you buy into this program, you can easily just buy leads (spend more money), send them to this page, they’ll buy it because this sales page claims to be very convincing and then you’ll make a lot of money back.

In my opinion, this is very easy sounding and in my experience, online business is not that simple.

Don’t believe me? Ok, let’s examine another major question:

Remember that high ticket system No Effort Income is promoting? Well on the No Effort Income page, there’s no name listed for it.

That’s why I haven’t actually mentioned it’s name anywhere in this article, nor in the others I’ve done of the other people promoting it.

This is one of the 3 biggest issues in this entire thing.

In the case of No Effort Income, I made sure to look through the sales page of the high ticket program to see if for once, they’d show me who they were, but I only got the following:

In their terms and conditions page, there is an address to some apparent business, which I Googled and it didn’t give me much to work with. I didn’t see an office, I didn’t see an official name for the office so I am still no closer to finding out what this program’s name is today than when I first stumbled onto this program months ago.

I won’t be linking to that page, but you are more than welcome (and encouraged) to look at this yourself with a careful and objective eye and draw your own conclusions (I encourage that).


When you understand what to look for in these kinds of programs (read about my experiences in online business here), the questions come out in droves and in this case, I’ve given you the biggest ones that to me are most important, at least to me.

I do however want to say that making money online with No Effort Income as well as through the other sites promoting the same thing No Effort Income is, is still possible. However, I do have my own objective reluctance based on what I saw and the more questions I have about any opportunity online, the less I can feel comfortable with recommending that opportunity.

While I’ve explored many online opportunities before, one of the only programs I’ve seen personal results with is Wealthy Affiliate and to me, that one has a lot of benefits, as well as important things to know before starting an online business (like risks and such).

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