Printable Profits Review. How Does it Really Work?

You’ve likely seen ads on Printable Profits with Dave or Anik Singal talking about selling mugs without a website, ads or traffic and are wondering how it all works. I certainly did, which is why I watched the webinar and in this review am going to break down how it all works.

Quick disclaimers about this Printable Profits review:

1) I watched the webinar presentation from Dave Kettner on Printable Profits and did not buy the program. As convincing as the webinar was, I usually do not like buying expensive programs (and prefer other options).

2) However, this webinar was very informative and in my opinion provided a lot of high value content on getting started in this type of business.

3) Combined together with my online business experience in different fields, I am giving you this review from that standpoint.

A summary and short review of Printable Profits:

printable profits review


Dave Kettner, part of the LURN team which is founded by Anik Singal.


$397 a month for 4 months. Total: $1,500+

What do you learn?

How to make a passive income through selling custom mug cups on Amazon and Etsy.

This business model looks similar to drop shipping, but is a bit simpler.

Just as well, there is a step by step process involved in this and the Printable Profits course breaks it down into 8 training modules.

My rating for Printable Profits: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Do I recommend it? 

The short answer is that I do believe this method works and quite well if you can get that first taste of success and replicate it.

However, my online business instincts also taught me to be very careful with any program which makes it seem like any method to make money online is simple to do, because often, even in the best cases, it takes a lot of work and time.

So overall, this is not really a method for me personally, but if you can afford this program, and want to take the risk, then I do believe it can be a good investment.

But if you don’t have this kind of money and want to know of other options, then I have one:


printable profits alternative

The details of Printable Profits (the front end):

There is a lot of mystery and interest behind the sales’ pitch for this program. You see Dave (or Anik) pitch the idea of selling mugs and making a good income from it, but without a website, traffic, and also a claim on how failure doesn’t make you lose money?

This kind of messaging got me interested. And so I decided to see the webinar and find out how this all works.

I had some predictions about this business model on educated guesses, but to my surprise (and it rarely happens), the way this business model works is not like anything I’ve heard before (but within certain subjects I do know about like drop shipping which this bears resemblance to).

So here’s how Printable Profits works in detail:

1) The main premise is that you are selling custom made mugs to people on Amazon and Etsy. Basically becoming what is known as a mugprenuer.

2) This is a big niche and lots of people buy various kinds of mugs with funny messages on them for their family, friends, and coworkers on these sites.

3) You can create a listing on either website with a custom mug for this niche audience and if they buy the mug from you, you will then go to a special website where you can buy mugs wholesale, and send it to the customer.

4) To make money, you will charge the customer more for the mug than you pay for it, and keep the profit. So if you charge $20 for the mug, but sell it for $10, then you make $10 from each mug.

In the webinar, they said if you can make several 1000 sales for this a year, this can be a profitable online business.

So if you can sell 1,000 mugs a year for $10, that’s $10,000 a year.

5) You are shown a certain blank mug website where you can buy them wholesale and even create an Amazon listing for it (I actually couldn’t find that site myself, but there’s many of them), and then customize the message on the mug on sites like Canva, then make the custom order there to send to customers who order from you on Amazon or Etsy.

There are other details in the webinar, but overall, this is the premise behind Printable Profits. The 8 module training goes over these things and also gets into details to help you be able to get a head start in this business and work through the possible obstacles.

9) Note: Other programs are coming out about this subject and one in particular is Low Hanging System by Rachel Rofe which I is pretty good too in my opinion.

What about all the claims of no website, no traffic needed?

So there’s actually truth to this and let me explain how that works:

1) You don’t need to have a website because you are listing these mugs on existing sites (Amazon and Etsy).

2) You don’t need traffic because on Amazon and Etsy, people are looking for these products in bulk.

3) And you also don’t need to spend money on making tons of mugs unless orders come in so you aren’t risking having inventory that doesn’t sell and wastes money with this business model.

From all of these standpoints, this really is a pretty safe business model to engage with.

Are there are cons to Printable Profits? I have a few concerns (5):

1) For starters, the mug niche isn’t exactly an open field (a lot of competition):

There’s a lot of people selling beautiful custom mugs on both Amazon and Etsy and supposedly, the 8 module training course in Printable Profits helps you get ahead of this competition.

2) Lots of people who use the Printable Profits formula, might add to that competition:

Let’s say we have a 100 people buy Printable Profits and all follow the same training, guidelines and steps. These are all people who will be competing with one another.

Now speaking from experience on the topic of saturation, I see a lot of saturation in the affiliate marketing world which is what I do, but I do also know that very few people are willing to work hard enough to make it work, which is why very few ever succeed which is why my affiliate income reports continue to grow.

This may also be the case with Printable Profits and even if 100 people follow the training, how many of them will actually work hard enough to succeed? Not many in my opinion. And this is the case for any online business.

3) Be careful with any business whose pitch seems too good to be true:

There is certainly a lot of potentially positive stuff with Printable Profits, but to say it’s guaranteed (which they don’t) is not the case. No matter how easy and amazing things sound, especially in the online world, it always comes through hard work in the end.

4) It’s a good business model, but it is also expensive to get started with:

4 nearly $400 payments isn’t something everyone can pull these days. If you have that money and you are ready to invest (not look at it as a gamble), then sure, get this program, work hard and you may likely see results. But never enter these businesses with a mindset of if you pay and do little, that you’ll profit.

5) Generally products from Lurn are pretty expensive.

I believe Printable Profits is part of the Lurn community where experts in online marketing share products like this to customers. Just recently, I reviewed Email Startup Incubator by Anik Singal and this too is an expensive program to learn email marketing from.

I can actually suggest another alternative which is Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium Plus membership which for $99 a month can also give you unlimited access to training in making money online in various different fields, also by experts in their fields on par with Lurn’s coaches.

Conclusions on Printable Profits:

This program took me by surprise in good ways through it’s method of making money and overall, I do approve of it. However, mixing it with my own knowledge, I know it will only work if you work hard with the training in the program and actually do it.

For some, the learning curve of learning this stuff, customizing mugs, seeing if they sell and then if it doesn’t being able to adjust and restart might be too much, but in reality this is how online business works, not just with the Printable Profits formula but with any other.

Even Wealthy Affiliate’s formula for making money, while beginner friendly still requires a lot of work and so if you’re going to go into this business, go in with the ambitious mindset and be ready to work hard.

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