Rachel Rofe Review. My History And Experiences With Her

I have quite a bit of personal experience with Rachel Rofe and in this review will be sharing what they are. And if you’re someone who has seen her ads online and want to know if she can help you make money online legitimately or if what she promotes is a scam, this post will help answer that.

Let me say this before I begin telling you about my experiences with Rachel Rofe:

I do have a lot of history with her (positive) but I will be doing my best to provide as unbiased of an opinion of her in this review.

rachel rofe review

Here are some basic things to know about Rachel Rofe:

Who is Rachel Rofe? She is an online marketer and entrepreneur.rachel rofe about page screenshot

What kinds of programs does Rachel Rofe release? I know her from the past for making a weight loss product, but her most recent product involves becoming a mugprenuer through a program called Low Hanging System.

Is Rachel Rofe a scammer? In my personal experiences no. In fact, I think she happens to be one of the nicest people I’ve ever done business with (I will explain that in a bit). But overall:

  • She’s a real person.
  • That’s her real name.
  • As far as I know, she is transparent in a world where there are many fake people trying to make money online off others illegitimately.

Are the products that Rachel releases legitimate? I can’t speak for the mug program (yet), but I can tell you that when I did business with her, she had a good weight loss product I enjoyed promoting. It’s no longer around, but it was legitimate when it was around.

Here is my history with Rachel Rofe (this is basically a review):

In order to explain how I know Rachel and before I get to how I met her, let me first explain what happened beforehand:

Long ago, around the 2008 period, I had begun to experience my first taste of success in the internet marketing world, specifically as an affiliate marketer.

At the time, I was promoting a highly popular Clickbank product which was a weight loss program and there were 2 ways I was making sales with it:

  1. I was writing Ezinearticles promoting it.
  2. I was funneling my articles from Ezines to an opt in landing page where I collected emails from people and promoted that same product via an eBook I gave away.

Over the course of about a year, this was making me a decent part time income and sales for this particular online sales funnel ranged from $20 a day to $200+ a day (the really good days).

Around this time was when I met Rachel Rofe:

I think it was around the 2009 period when Rachel Rofe messaged me and told me she had seen some of my articles on Ezines and/or my sites and mentioned she released a product on Clickbank which was very similar to the one I was already promoting.

It wasn’t giving as many commissions per sale as the one I was making money with at the time but the benefit of promoting her program was that:

  • It was high quality.
  • It was cheaper for people to buy (so potentially more sales).
  • It offered recurring affiliate commissions since it was a membership site known as Yayfood.com

I took her offer to promote the product and began doing so to my email list. I had a made a few sales here and there. She did also give me a membership to her site so I could better promote it.

Following up, Rachel helped me make more sales:

Rachel had been working to grow her program on Clickbank and had been actively helping her affiliates do so. One of the ways she did that was by sending me a PDF guide on weight loss related matters which had an option to encode affiliate links within each page, meaning that I could give away the PDF for free, and people could click on the affiliate link within that PDF, buy Rachel’s program and make me the sales.

This turned out to be a good way to make money since I did give away this PDF to my email list which at the time was over 10,000 subscribers and while I didn’t make crazy sales, it turned out to be a pretty profitable investment.

Rachel was always quick to respond to my emails and help me keep moving forward. I totally get that it’s a two sided street in that she wanted to make sales too, but considering how she created more valuable stuff to help myself and other affiliates make money, that is also a huge thing to note.

Moving forward to today. What’s Rachel Rofe up to?

Eventually, Rachel and my “joint venture” ended because the product (Yay Food) went off Clickbank. We did a little bit of communication since on Facebook as friends and she had been living a pretty good lifestyle from what I know.

Recently, I saw YouTube ads of her promoting a mug program she came up with and I’m currently planning to do a review on it once I watch her webinar which promotes it.

There is a new popular style of making money online selling mugs in today’s online marketing world, known as being a mugprenuer and she, as well as many others are jumping on this opportunity.

For instance, there’s another program called Printable Profits basically teaching the same stuff (it’s a program connected to other make money online products part of the Lurn program).

One thing I’m not really a big fan off is how some of her promotions of this program are bit hyped for my taste but being that this is an ad, people have to often do this sort of stuff to get attention, so I can respect that.

My overall views on Rachel Rofe (they’re pretty good):

While I cannot vouch for every single program/product she has released other than the one I personally had experience with, I am still confident in Rachel as a good person and until I see evidence to the contrary, that opinion isn’t going to change.

So overall, can Rachel Rofe help you legitimately make money online? Yes, I do believe Rachel Rofe’s products based on the past experiences I have had.

However: My initial thoughts on her mug program based on what I’m seeing is that it’s a bit expensive and personally, my advice for make money online products is that no other program is better than Wealthy Affiliate for that.

Remember, I am speaking about Rachel Rofe not as some dude who doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but also an entrepreneur like her and I was making money online before I met her (and am today passively) thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate program. I think that even if Rachel has a great product to offer, that Wealthy Affiliate is likely to be a better financial choice for most people (perhaps not all though).

Either way, thank you for reading this review of Rachel Rofe and if you have any questions, let me know below.

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