Covert Commissions Review – Why I Don’t Think You Need it

In this Covert Commissions review, I want to explain why programs like these in my experience are a dime a dozen to find (despite sounding like they’re all unique) and why despite it having uses, why I don’t think you need it.

Product info:

covert commissions review

  • Name: Covert Commissions.
  • Owner: Cindy Donovan.
  • Price: $19.97 per month, $47 every 3 months or one time $197.
  • Upsells? Yes.
  • Scam? No, it’s legit.
  • What is it? A done for you software for email and affiliate marketing.
  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
  • Recommended? Not really.

So before I go any further with this review, all honesty on the table: I didn’t buy it and while I do see uses for this as an affiliate marketer myself, in my personal opinion, it’s better to save your money and set up these email funnels yourself.

And there’s even more of a reason to do that when you consider that this subject material is a bit advanced, so in my opinion if you’re new to affiliate marketing, email marketing and so forth, this is not a program I’d consider starting with despite it being easy to set up.

Alternatives? Yes:

covert commissions alternative

How does Covert Commissions work?

The gist behind Covert Commissions is that it’s meant to help you do email marketing faster and more efficiently. How?

Well it has a software to help you make your email marketing funnels be done more quickly and you’re also provided with free eBooks (which I think are PLR) that are used as bonuses that are given out when people sign up.

In other words, rather than set it up yourself, this software will help you do it faster and it offers 70 or so different squeeze page options with free eBooks in different niches you can offer up as bonuses to get your email list building.

On the back end, once people are in, you can then promote relevant offers as an affiliate to them and make money online that way.


  • There is a lot of pre-done email marketing material for you to use.
  • Lots of options provided for people (templates, eBooks, offers and customization options).
  • It is kind of easy to use this service to set up your email funnels (squeeze pages, opt in forms, emails, ect…).
  • You can make money with this system if you use it correctly (requires experience).


  • I don’t think it’s a special program by any means (I see these programs a lot).
  • I honestly think it’s very expensive (because I’ve seen others for less).
  • If you’re a beginner affiliate, I wouldn’t even use a program like this (subject material is too complex).
  • Requires you use/have an autoresponder (costs extra).

Where is the “Covert” part of Cover Commissions?

My understanding of the “covert” part is that this program helps you set up the funnel and you pitch your promotions on the back end, and it’s covert because much of the funnel is set up for you.

Who is Cover Commissions for?

I don’t think there’s a large audience suited for this program but if I had to give you an answer here, I’d say it would be experienced affiliate and email marketers who are too lazy to make their own funnels (I prefer to make my own, which is why I wouldn’t use a program like this).

Who is it not for?

Honestly though, if you understand basic email marketing, you’ll understand why I say there’s not much special about it. Just a few days ago, I reviewed a program called Traffic Beast and in many ways, this program mimics a lot of what you see in this one too.

And furthermore, I run into programs like these quite often that come out of the likes of JVZoo and the Warrior Plus network.

In my honest opinion, beginner affiliates. Why? Well because as I often like to say, sometimes the easiest looking programs are also the ones which include subject matter that is a lot more complex in reality.

In this case, you’re dealing with email marketing and affiliate marketing and just setting up simple templates might get you to a certain point, but there’s many more factors, situations and things to consider. For example:

1) Do you even know what you’ll be promoting? It’s not just a simple choose something and promote it. If you have very little experience in your affiliate promotion, trust me, that’ll hurt your conversions.

2) Where is your traffic coming from and how relevant is it? I often see that beginner affiliates use places like solo ads to funnel masses of traffic to squeeze pages thinking that’s all it takes, when in fact, there’s so much more to consider. Personally, I think solo ads are trash and you’re better off using other methods, and if you have no clue what else there is, odds are you’re a beginner who needs to rethink their fundamentals and learn basic affiliate marketing from scratch (trust me, it’s the better way to go). Start with Wealthy Affiliate.

3) Are you good at optimizing your email marketing sales funnel? That’s easier said than done and absolutely requires experience. I would rarely put my trust and hope in any done for you affiliate system that has it’s own email swipes and pre made messages. The problem with using this kind of stuff in my opinion is that it lacks authenticity and that is a HIGHLY important component of affiliate success these days.

If you think you can just copy and paste messages and think you’ll get a great affiliate income rolling in, you won’t get far in this business.

Conclusions: I think I’ve made my points?

I’m not bashing Covert Commissions. I actually think it does what it says it does, so it’s legit. But will you use it as intended? That’s where we have to talk about the problem (the subject matter that is email marketing and affiliate marketing being advanced) and my opinion is that you shouldn’t rely on these programs to make your email marketing funnels for you.

Because I know affiliate marketing, I can pretty easily set up email marketing funnels and get good, targeted traffic to them quickly (I’d use pay per click ads over solo ads), but if you don’t have money, then I would just recommend forgetting about that altogether and focusing on building out a real affiliate business with other methods that aren’t so financially risky (blogging).

Again, I would strongly recommend you consider Wealthy Affiliate if you’re a new affiliate and/or have not seen success yet. Affiliate marketing is a real business for which you’ll rarely find shortcuts (only after you have experience, not when you’re new).

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