Nichesss Review – 3 Reasons I’m Not Convinced You Need it

In this Nichesss review, I want to give you a balanced point of view on it. As a person who is very experienced in the very things this service provides solutions to (blogging, ad writing and copywriting in general), I can see value in it, but overall, there’s 3 reasons I honestly can’t see myself using it nor recommending it. But we’ll get to that in a moment. First:

Product info:

nichesss review

  • Name: Nichesss (aka Niches$$).
  • Price: Free trial and a $59 lifetime access.
  • Creator: Part of App Sumo.
  • What does it do? Auto generates content to be used on blogs, ads and more.
  • Scam? No.
  • Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Do I recommend Nichesss?

I would only advise this program be used by experienced people who just need to outsource some general ideas on writing ads for social media or perhaps titles for blogs.

Outside of that, I would be very careful if you intend to use this service as a way to outsource all your content creation across ads, blogs and more, because there is a downside to relying on such services in my opinion.

My end all argument is that as a professional blog writer (and ad, copy write creator) is that you should always rely on yourself to create great content and/or have a competent and reliable writer you pay to do it for you and never rely on services like this, even if they are excellent and legit. Later in this review, I’ll give you 3 specific reasons I say all of this. In the meantime:


nichesss alternative

A deep dive into Nichesss (what it is and how it works):

Nichesss is a service that helps people create content for online business needs. Specifically this is a program that will auto generate content in various things:

  • Creating ads for Facebook Ads, Google Ads and so forth.
  • Creating social media posts, tweets, ect…
  • Creating ideas for YouTube videos.
  • And creating blogs in just about niche you pick out personally.

This service, like others (Jarvis AI is the first that comes to mind) are all meant to help expedite content creation. Content creation in general is at the forefront of an online business’s success and if you’re new to this and want to know exactly how that works, here’s the breakdown:

1) If you’re building a niche blog, you need to create very good content on that niche topic. The better the content, the better your rankings on Google and other places. That gets you traffic. Traffic opens up the doors to making money online through ad displays, affiliate marketing and other methods.

Nichesss in this case expedites the blogging process. You enter in a niche topic, keywords and get ideas from the service that can then be exported to your blog. This makes writing easier/faster.

2) If you’re making online ads, this is also a service that can help you create them quite easily and then paste them into the ad creation spaces you intend to use them in (Facebook Ads, Google Ads or something else).

What I personally thought after using Nichesss:

Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised at a few things:

  • First, you can use this service for free (I’m always a fan of testing before buying).
  • Second, I ran a simple test on a niche topic (knee pain) to see what would be produced.
  • The content was surprisingly decent and there was no duplicate content in my example.

nichesss inside look screenshot

I can definitely see the uses of this program for bloggers, and in terms of pros and cons, here’s the breakdown:


  1. Free to try.
  2. The lifetime version is pretty affordable.
  3. Multitude of uses are available from this service.
  4. It’s actually pretty beginner friendly.
  5. The content I saw generated from this program was pretty impressive (I didn’t expect that).


  1. At the end of the day, I am always biased against using these types of services.

I would normally label the 3 reasons I’m not for using this service here, but they require more content than just simple/short bullet points, and so let me give you my point of view on that now:

The 3 reasons I am not a fan of using Nichesss:

1) Auto generated content is a double edged sword for success:

On one end, you can certainly get decent content out of this service and apply it to say a blog to grow your business. On the other hand, there is always a risk of several things:

  • The content may not look good and thus not rank well.
  • There may be grammatical errors that need fixing.
  • Regarding duplicate content, I would be wary of it even though this service does have a checker for that.

2) Good content written by a real person is always better than using services like this in my opinion:

I’ve been in this business for 16 years now and I have seen the trends year after year. Whether it be blogging, ad or using this service for other means, I personally believe that you are far better off being a person who writes their own unique content and shares that unique voice with the world and that is actually what leads to your success.

I have often raised the question on how you would feel if you read 2 pieces of content, 1 that’s generated by an A.I and the other that’s generated by a human who writes that content out of passion.

Most people I know believe the latter is better because it is authentic and sincere and in terms of results, this leads to better results across the board for things like organic rankings on your blog, writing ads that attract customers easily and more.

3) It is far better to learn the material and apply it yourself vs relying on services to do that for you:

It’s taken me many years to learn what I’m about to tell you and that’s that in this business (or anything in life), if you look for shortcuts without properly learning the said material first, your odds of success greatly diminish in my opinion.

I see services like Nichesss as a shortcut to creating fast, east content on blogs and other places, but I also see that as something that will hinder the progress of someone who is eager to actually learn and apply the same skills to do it themselves.

Because I know blogging, copywriting and ad writing (and have a lot of success with it), I can tell you that the value of me applying these skills and making my own unique content in each respective field is much greater than if I were to rely on a service to do that for me.

And seeing this perspective from the other end (as someone who knows the value of learning and doing it themselves), I strongly recommend you do the same. Once you’re experienced and successful, then take another look at services like Nichesss and see if you feel the same way (I have a strong feeling you’ll think differently about it then).

Conclusions (and what I recommend above Nichesss):

The Nichesss service is legit and I do not think it is a scam. But my perspective on such programs are based on looking at the bigger picture and that bigger picture is that if you wish to succeed in blogging, ads, YouTube content creation and whatever else this program does, there is far more value and success in the long run (in my opinion) in learning these things yourself and then applying them.

At the end of the day, I have learned that if you want to make money online and you wish to attract customers, those same customers will appreciate you more and will far more likely buy from you if they see a real, unique and authentic voice behind the content they are reading and watching and that’s something that no AI program or content creator will ever be able to replace, so learn the skills to become that type of content creator and then you’ll truly reap the rewards (trust me on that).

What I recommend above Nichesss:

The bottom line is that you need education on how to become a skillful content creator and in my personal opinion, no program teaches this better than Wealthy Affiliate. They are all about becoming the best content creator you can be by showing you how to pick niches you love and develop content around that which get high rankings, traffic and success.

As for YouTube, ads and other forms of online business, this is also taught later in it’s training and you can try Wealthy Affiliate for free.

I would strongly encourage you first read my review of Wealthy Affiliate fully and take note of the uniqueness of the way it’s written. I personally wrote every single word and I promise you that no auto content creator could ever beat that. That’s why that review is convincing people to join and see massive success.

I’m not for shortcuts in success, because most shortcuts are a mirage. I am however for learning the right ways to succeed first, applying that, seeing it for yourself, and then through your own experiences developing your own shortcuts you know work. For that, Wealthy Affiliate is easily the top choice for showing you how to do all of that correctly.

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