The $87 Million Freedom Formula Review – Is it For Real?

The $87 Million Freedom Formula eBook has been advertised a lot lately by Anik Singal and Robby Blanchard, 2 very successful online marketers. I just read it and would like to share my review on it.

The basic idea behind the eBook is that Robby runs a popular make money online program called Commission Hero that teaches people ways to affiliate marketing through Facebook Ads, and his methods in that program (3 steps in this case) have created a lot of success stories whose combined earnings made the $87 Million dollars (as Clickbank affiliates). In other words, these stats are from Robby’s students, not himself and the eBook (as well as this review) covers how they did that.

Product info:

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  • Name: $87M Freedom Formula.
  • Owner: Robby Blanchard.
  • Price: $0.
  • How long is it? 25 pages.
  • What does it teach? A method known as “CPL” affiliate marketing.
  • Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Recommended? Because it’s free, the answer is yes. However:

In my opinion this eBook is more of a teaser for the actual webinar presentation Robby gives later on.

In the eBook, you learn about doing CPL affiliate marketing, which is legitimate and somewhat a “new take” on the traditional model, but there’s not much info about how it actually works other than a basic 3 step formula and success stories/screenshots of Robby’s students.

Whenever I see what I consider more hype than value, I tend to rate the product lower and that’s what I felt was going on here. I wish there were more examples of the CPL model of affiliate marketing and because there wasn’t, I had to fill in the blanks myself.

Alternatives? Yes, I do recommend some:

87 million freedom formula alternative

Just as well, here are my other recommended programs (I am affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate but not the others).

A summary of $87M Freedom Formula (how it works):

The beginning:

The eBook starts off with Anik Singal explaining the very basic idea behind affiliate marketing and it’s benefits, how you can promote stuff without owning it and how much more flexibility you have in creating an online business through this method as opposed to others.

In all honesty, everything Anik explains about this method is true and I agree with it 100% because I do affiliate marketing myself. But there are different ways, methods and branches of doing it and this is why I often find myself disagreeing with what I think is better. Anyway:

Middle and end:

The middle part of the eBook is where Robby takes over and this is where you get a number of pages showing off Robby’s students making money implementing the strategy he teaches them in his Commission Hero program, which as I said earlier is affiliate marketing, promoting Clickbank affiliate offers and through Facebook Ads.

Here’s the thing though: Commission Hero isn’t mentioned in this eBook so it’s possible that the offer pitched behind the $87M Freedom Formula might be that or something entirely different (I’ll update the review if that’s the case). But moving on:

This is the part of the eBook where the whole “CPL” method of affiliate marketing is pitched.

What exactly is CPL? It means cost per lead:

CPL is a 3 step system in which you find affiliate offers, but instead of promoting them, you send traffic to the vendor (owner of the product) and get paid for that when the vendor has one of your leads opt in (from my understanding). So generally speaking, the strategy works like this:

1) Find an affiliate promotion (I would say high ticket affiliate offers work better here).

2) Send traffic to the vendor page (probably pay per click affiliate marketing, since Robby is known for using places like Facebook Ads).

3) Earn commissions for every lead which I assume opts in to learn more about the offer (the product).

The idea behind the strategy is that the owners of products want to get customers on something like an email list to sell their product to and you basically are the provider of that traffic, which they will pay you for if you give them the right leads.

Also from my understanding, you will also get additional resources and tools to automate this process (copywriting stuff, tracking tools and more).

In some ways, to my knowledge on this subject, it’s similar to 2 other methods of affiliate marketing:

  1. CPA (Cost per action) where you send traffic to a sign up page and once people sign up, you get paid per lead.
  2. Direct linking affiliate marketing where you send traffic to a vendor’s page directly instead of an affiliate review page where you would have to do all the work to promote the product and then the person reading your review would still have to click on the link and buy the product (an extra step).

The benefits of this method is that you don’t have to worry about:

  • Setting up sales pages or affiliate product review pages.
  • You don’t need to even worry about setting up a site.
  • No need for email lists.
  • You just need to know how to drive good leads to the vendor and they take care of the rest.

How likely is the “CPL” method to succeed?

Generally speaking, if it’s done right, it can lead to a lot of success but that takes skills in my opinion. Because there wasn’t much info on the specifics of this method other than the optimistic version of this strategy and it’s outcome, I had to figure it out on my own.

Like I said before, in my opinion it bears a lot of resemblance to CPA and direct linking affiliate marketing. CPA affiliate marketing works pretty well, but direct linking usually requires some reverse engineering strategies to work.

If you can drive highly relevant traffic to the right vendor that pays you well for each lead, then yes such a method can work out very well. However:

There are 3 objective cons in my opinion to this method that I would consider:

1) First, I assume the program pitched behind this eBook is Commission Hero or some sort of high ticket affiliate offer.

Why do I say this? Because Commission Hero itself is $997 and Anik, Robby in my opinion wouldn’t go through all this hassle to give away this eBook, make a huge presentation and so forth if there wasn’t a big ticket product to buy on the other end.

2) CPL isn’t all that special if you ask me.

It’s basically sending traffic, and getting paid for getting leads to people.

That sounds like CPA marketing to me. It can work, don’t get me wrong, but when I read the method in the $87M Freedom Formula, in my opinion its pitched as though its simple and I am always careful about any pitch that sounds that way. Methods like this usually require advanced knowledge of paid ads and you also probably need to spend good money to learn, test and refine the strategies.

I’ve used similar methods in more traditional affiliate marketing endeavors and even with guidance, you need time, money and patience to get it to work. I would be very careful with any offer that sounds easy because usually, a lot of money might need to be spent on it (no guarantees either).

3) The $87M Freedom Formula eBook was not very good in my opinion:

Again, there is a SUPER basic explanation on CPL marketing and I wish there was more. When I see so much hype, success stories and very vague explanations on how it all works, I don’t like that and it makes me even more cautious. I’m not saying it’s a scam as Robby, Anik and their reputation is legit to my knowledge, but I would really be less hesitant if this eBook did a much better job explaining how it all works.

Conclusions about $87M Freedom Formula:

80% of the eBooks I read out of Lurn I like, but this is not one of them unfortunately. It’s just that when it comes to online business opportunities, I like specific stuff and when I don’t see that and the overall message being “This is amazing, new, and whatever else” type of stuff, I’m not going to easily be convinced about it.

I do affiliate marketing like I said before and I believe in more traditional methods to success which I learned in Wealthy Affiliate. Sure CPL can work (once again), but I suspect there will be a lot of costs needed to test this stuff out and you have to understand the following in my opinion:

  1. If you understand that you’ll likely need to spend a lot of money on this.
  2. And you also understand that there are no guarantees.
  3. And honestly, I don’t see why I can’t do CPL myself (If you have decent knowledge of traffic generation and find the right CPA offers, you can technically do this too).

And despite that, you accept the risks, then this may be an opportunity for you to pursue. Me personally, I’m going to wait around and see what pops up about this program, because so far, I am not convinced.

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