Is Muncheye a Scam? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

There is a lot to unpack when it comes to explaining what Muncheye is, how it works and how you can make money from it, but let me address the main question first: Is Muncheye a scam? The answer is no and I’ll explain more on that later.

But there is a lot of misinformation out there regarding Muncheye and because:

  1. I am someone who has made quite a bit of money online through using the Muncheye site.
  2. And I have made a lot of content on this topic and gotten a ton of questions from that content.

I feel free qualified to cover this topic and once and for all explain everything you need to know about this site and how to properly use it. And so this is what I’m going to be covering:

  • What Muncheye really is.
  • How to make money from Muncheye (getting started).
  • Who Muncheye is for and not for.
  • Unfortunate truths about Muncheye you probably won’t hear from other marketers out there.

Let’s cover the main Muncheye topics shall we? We’ll start with this:

is muncheye a scam

What is Muncheye?

A lot of people misunderstand what this site really is so let me clear that all up:

Muncheye is a special website which advertises make money online products and programs before they go live on the internet (for people to buy). These are referred to as product launches.

Within the Muncheye site, you have 4 different categories of product launches:

1) Big launches: This section of Muncheye showcases high end programs being released to the market soon that are usually expected to be popular make money online programs.

2) All launches: Showcases every single make money online product launch coming out, including those that are on the Big Launches.

3) Just launched: Showcases recently released products that are now live.

4) Ads: Some people advertise their make money online programs via ads on the Muncheye site for greater exposure.

How do you make money online with Muncheye?

muncheye product launches screenshot

This is one of the most common questions I get and the truth is, depending on WHAT kind of marketer you are determines HOW you use Muncheye to make money online. Let me explain:

If you are using Muncheye, you are either:

  •  A product owner.
  • Or an affiliate marketer looking to promote said products.

If you are a product owner:

Then you can use Muncheye to basically advertise your make money online product or program.

The whole purpose behind this is that Muncheye is very popular among affiliate marketers looking to promote make money online programs and by advertising YOUR program/product on this site, you can accumulate a lot of affiliates before you officially launch the program and the more affiliates who promote your product, the more money you can make.

If you do intend to use Muncheye to promote your product/program, you first have to be signed up with one of the following affiliate networks:

Why is this? Because Muncheye itself is NOT an affiliate program.

In order to accumulate affiliates to promote your offer, it must first be available for promotion on one of these 4 networks (You only need 1). This allows potential affiliates who see your program, like it and choose to promote it find it within one of the 4 affiliate networks and start promoting it on their sites and online sales funnels.

If you are an affiliate marketer:

Then you can use Muncheye to see which make money online programs are coming out soon and start promoting them on your blogs, YouTube videos and basically set up online sales funnels to do it.

One of the advantages of being an affiliate marketer who uses Muncheye to find products to promote is that you can get in early on many make money online programs that are coming out and create content reviewing those products.

Another benefit is that most of the products you find on Muncheye early and review also have very little competition and as a side benefit, when they are released, advertised and marketed, people who are interested in these products will naturally Google them (product review so and so) and find yours at the top of the search results. In doing this, you can get that initial surge of traffic and potentially a lot of sales in the process.

This method in the make money online world is referred to as product launch jacking.

Many product owners who showcase their programs/products on Muncheye also give prospective affiliates exclusive access to what the program is, including detailed info on what the program is about, freebies and so forth to help them promote this better. You can literally click on any product you find in Muncheye and see what the product owner is offering to show you, which you can then use for your promotion.

Technically speaking, the more products you find on Muncheye, review and promote, the more money you can make as an affiliate marketer.

Note: Just like with being a product/program creator, if you intend to promote anything you find on Muncheye, you will need to be signed up on the same 4 affiliate networks I mentioned earlier.

One common question I get from people is this: How can you sign up with Muncheye to promote the products there?

Again, the answer is you DON’T, not if you are an affiliate marketer.

You just need to sign up with one of the 4 affiliate networks that are connected to Muncheye (again, they are JVZoo, Warrior Plus, Clickbank and Paykickstart).

How does Muncheye itself make money?

They basically charge product owners for advertising on their site (Big Launches, All Launches, and Ads). How much Muncheye charges a product owner depends on several factors:

  • How big of a launch it is.
  • How early you want to display the program on Muncheye (earlier = more expensive).
  • If you pay for ads, it also costs a lot of money to run them.

And while this is a lucrative deal for Muncheye, the truth is that this benefits product owners as they can use the various advertising methods on Muncheye to advertise their program.

How I’ve made money using the Muncheye site:

Because I’m an affiliate marketer, I basically followed the product launch jacking formula I mentioned earlier. I would hop onto Muncheye, look up which products and programs were being released, would write reviews on them and get traffic/sales from this.

However, I am explaining all of this in the past tense because I actually stopped doing that. In my opinion, Muncheye has potential for people who are only interested in the make money online niche, but outside that, you’d be hard pressed to find a good way to use it. Another reason I stopped is because a lot of the products I found to be advertised there were extremely high ticket affiliate programs which I don’t actually like promoting and sometimes very low quality stuff.

Who Muncheye is for and not for:

There are very simple answers to this. In short, if:

You are the owner of a make money online product, or an affiliate marketer whose niche focus is only on the make money online niche, then Muncheye is one of the sites you can utilize to help grow your business.

If you are NOT a product owner of a make money online product or an affiliate marketer whose niche is NOT specifically the make money online topic, then you really can’t utilize Muncheye for your business.

Since Muncheye is a site that caters basically to people who release and promote make money online programs, anything outside that realm basically omits you from being able to use it.

However if you’re reading this now, are totally new to affiliate marketing and have no interest in making a make money online program, then this is totally OK. Let me explain why:

Inconvenient truths about Muncheye and why you may want to reconsider using it:

What I often find with the subject of Muncheye is that a lot of people typically hear about it from experienced marketers (like Jono Armstrong of Ministry of Freedom) who make a lot of money utilizing it and pitch the whole product launch jacking formula, showing off their numbers and so forth.

As a result, it’s no wonder they want to hop on the bandwagon and try to do the same thing. But there’s several problems with this:

1) First, if you are totally new to affiliate marketing, you would have a hard time promoting make money online products. I run into A LOT of websites who utilize the product launch jacking formula that make 0 in sales because frankly, their content sucks, their knowledge of the subject is poor and as a result, they end up basically spamming the things they are promoting which they find on Muncheye. Not only that but because of horrible content, it never even ranks so it’ll never even get traffic.

2) I find that the few people who do successfully promote products from Muncheye as affiliates are often shady affiliates in that even if the product is low quality, they’ll still promote it and say it’s a 10 out of 10 or something along those lines. Like I said before, I stopped using Muncheye after running into many bad quality programs. Obviously not all affiliates who succeed using Muncheye are in this category, but I spot them a lot.

3) Product owners are also part of this. Obviously not everyone who posts their product on Muncheye is bad, but I’ve run into numerous serial product creators whose products I would NEVER recommend to anyone, but they continue to make money online by using this site and getting unethical affiliates to keep promoting it. It’s a sad cycle.

Now this isn’t because of Muncheye itself. They are just a conduit to advertise these programs so it’s not on them, but the point is, I refuse to be one of those affiliates who promotes garbage make money online programs to people who have sincere intentions to succeed.

Addressing some final questions about Muncheye (before we get into better options):

How do you earn from Muncheye?

One of the best ways to earn from Muncheye is finding products being promoted on that site, then promoting them on your blog or other channels.

What is a Muncheye Affiliate?

A Muncheye affiliate is someone who visits the Muncheye site and find upcoming launches for products, then picks which one they wish to promote and then does it.

How do you make money online if Muncheye isn’t for you and can you actually do it?

The answer to the second part of that question is a YES, you can totally make a great income online without having to promote products you find on Muncheye or involving yourself in the make money online niche in general.

The truth of the matter is that if you have a formula to succeeding online with any niche topic out there, then it doesn’t matter if it’s applied to the make money online niche or a completely different topic like camping, hiking, gaming accessories or the countless other niches out there that are ripe for profiting off!

In fact, a lot of people do not understand that the true opportunity in making money online is often by avoiding the make money online niche since it’s often heavily competitive and to chase a niche they actually love, which they can build an ethical business out of.

So how do you do it? Well again, I go back to the formula I mentioned earlier. What exactly is it? Well it was taught to me through Wealthy Affiliate and here is a short breakdown:

1) You choose your niche (always pick something you love).

2) You make your website (this is best if you’re new).

3) You get free traffic to your site by writing content that talks about the niche (topics and review products that are niche relevant).

4) You can then earn money from your site when traffic comes.

muncheye success through wealthy affiliateWhether or nor you engage in the make money online niche or something completely different, this formula remains the same and typically it takes about 6-12 months to see results with and this is best if you’re new or don’t have a lot of money when you start.

Now if this is something you would like to try, the I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate as your starting point for that. This is the program I began with that taught me about success online as an affiliate and I applied their training inside and outside the make money online niche.

In fact, today I run multiple sites on different niche topics that talk about things I love, and they in turn attract visitors from Google and other places that are also interested in the same topics and I make my money promoting relevant products to them on each site. You can do this too.

Conclusions on Muncheye and where to go from here:

By this point, I hope I have explained everything about this site like I promised and if you do have any questions regarding Muncheye, you are welcome to leave them below.

If nothing else, the most important takeaway I want you to have from this article is the importance of knowing a few things:

  1. First, that you can make money online through using Muncheye.
  2. Second, you don’t need to limit yourself to just this site or the make money online niche (especially if you aren’t even into the topic).
  3. Third, you have a formula for taking any interest you have and making money online from it.

8 thoughts on “Is Muncheye a Scam? Here’s Everything You Need to Know”

  1. I don’t understand why people would limit themselves to just the make money online niche if they don’t understand it.

    Me myself, I’m in the make money online niche I own a company called “Marketing Products And Services”. I’ve owned the brand since January of 2012 and felt like I was duped into it but I had such a strong belief in myself that I stuck with it and here I am going for round two, but this time with Wealthy Affiliate.

    I have one question: How do people survive on clickbank with such a small commission payout? I mean I’ve made some commissions off of clickbank, but it wasn’t no more than $20 here and there. It was a hit and miss situation.

    Overall, I couldn’t agree with you more about this topic because affiliate marketing is a very difficult business and if it was easy everyone would be doing it. Wouldn’t you agree?


    Yours in success,


    • Hi Shaun, so there’s a lot of unpacking for answers here because aside from your main question, there’s a few add on points and clarifications I’d like to make, so we’ll start from the top:

      1) First, the reason why people enter the MMO niche is because most of the marketing done for making money online in general is by people who are in the same niche and pitching it to people too, but at the same time, many of these people promote other MMO products that line their own products.

      The reason this sells so well is because the marketing hype (and lies) basically give people who are beginners the impression that it’s so easy that they can do it. The thought of making a niche site on a different topic aside from MMO doesn’t even cross people’s minds and I run into this a lot when people who join WA tell me their niche is MMO and when I go further with asking them if that’s true, they are shocked to learn there’s more than MMO out there (a biproduct of listening to bad guru marketers out there).

      2) Regarding your Clickbank question, a $20 commission is actually great for affiliate marketing, but the real secret to Clickbank success is marketing it to the right crowd. I’ve made multiple six figures as a Clickbank affiliate mostly promoting dieting programs, but the key to making the mass sales was by finding either a popular niche topic for which the product would be a perfect promotion for or an existing dieting product that was popular out there (not on Clickbank) and marketing the Clickbank one (considering of course it was the better option). The commissions I was being paid were around $25-$38 per sale, which may seem small, but multiplied by 1,000’s of sales, you can see why it adds up. So the niche or popular niche product is what streamlines the Clickbank sales.

      And I promoted a lot of it through Bing Ads making it easier to do (but that’s advanced). You can do the same thing on a blog and from free traffic, but it takes longer to get that to pick up (but it’s better if you’re new and don’t have money).

      3) Finally about affiliate marketing being difficult, I somewhat agree and this is after doing it for 15 years. In hindsight, there’s 2 factors I’ve found that screw up people’s success:

      Bad training, gurus, and garbage programs promoting hype and lies, leading people astray or people themselves not wanting to work hard and accepting that building an online business is an actual job and that it takes effort. 

      When these obstacles are out of the equation and the person is focused on working hard, whilst using a good training program like Wealthy Affiliate, success comes much easier (but in time still).

  2. Hie Vitality. first i love how you simplify everything. Yes it is important for us to know that muncheye is not an affilite program. I like the fact that you can start promoting products before they have been launched  officially and and helps one get the edge in the online world. Launch jacking is a no brainer.

  3. Hi Vitaliy

    Muncheye in and of itself could be a good opportunity like you say before the market is flooded with a particular product and competition grows promoting it. Given it is a prelaunch product, there is always the probability of it actually taking off, gaining good traction and therefore becoming popular in the make money online niche. 

    The challenge of course would always be the quality factor. If you have the time to sort through the BS you could still make money from Muncheye.


    • I doubt most affiliates care about the quality of the program they find on Muncheye Shelley. Most affiliates I’ve run into within the make money online world typically only care about the compensation potential and not what their customer is getting. They’d promote trash if it paid them high ticket affiliate commissions unfortunately.

  4. What caught my attention so fast from all of the information about Muncheye you have passed in this article is the fact that they offer people the opportunity to buy money making products before they go live. That gives some kind of VIP level feeling and making money from the products would be of a very high probability since one would be among the first users. (All thanks to Muncheye). I would like to ask if one would get a discount price for such products being able to be among those to get it before launch?

    • Hi Danny, you are misunderstanding. The products that appear on Muncheye are not actually for sale, but for advertising for potential affiliates to see and promote. If an affiliate sees a program or product they like on Muncheye, they can click through to it and actually get details on the product WITHOUT having to buy it. 

      As I explained in the article, product owners actually have specific affiliate pages they present to potential affiliates who see them on Muncheye and that affiliate page often gives away a lot of the information about said product, including how much they can earn, what customers get and details that give affiliates the info they need to then write and review the product on their site (without having to buy it). 


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