My Profit Payday Review – Major Red Flags I Spotted

This My Profit Payday review examines the program from a very objective opinion. Can it actually make you money online easily or is it some sort of scam?

Well to be quite frank, most of what I saw and then researched didn’t give me too much confidence in buying it and there are numerous red flags I found out about while that research was going on. I’m going to share what I found, what I think about this program, but also why I just can’t recommend it (but also what I can instead). Let’s begin:

Quick summary and info on My Profit Payday:

my profit payday review 01

How much does My Profit Payday cost? $47 on the front end.

If you try to leave the page, the price goes down to $27. Now I don’t know if that is the end price or if there are additional upsells. My gut instinct here is that there MAY be upsells.

Who created My Profit Payday? A Mike Brent.

What is this program all about (what does it teach)? According to the sales page, it seems to be a done for you system of some sort, perhaps a pre made website or affiliate marketing site of some sort (my guess).

The explanations I saw were very vague in my opinion and the lack of details on how this program works is one of the things that gives me pause.

My rating: 1 out of 5 stars (In my opinion)

I want to believe this program works, but this kind of program isn’t exactly my first rodeo ride. What I mean is that I have come across many My Profit Payday look alike programs over the 15 years I’ve been making money online and reviewing such programs.

Researching this one and spotting the red flags was unfortunately very easy and I’ll get to them in a moment, but these red flags, at least in my opinion eliminate the reason to get this program (at least for me) and I do encourage you to do your own research, but when I share what I found, you will understand why I am saying all of this.

What are the red flags I spotted with My Profit Payday?

1) First and foremost, who exactly is the owner and is he even real?

The guy’s name is Mike Brent. I didn’t watch the entire sales video of this program, but I did see this person’s name and supposed voice behind it pop up. In my opinion, a good, legitimate program not only has to have a name/s behind it, but you have to actually see them and I’m not talking about an image with voice over. I’m talking about an actual person who is speaking to you who can be verified as the person. Also I checked other reviews of My Profit Payday like this, and they too didn’t see who he is.

With My Profit Payday, I have no clue if Mike Brent is actually a real person and frankly, that was the first major red flag I saw. Look at my list of recommended programs and you will see that ALL of them have real people behind it. And I too am a real person, see my about me page. That is my real image and I have tons of videos to verify this. In My Profit Payday’s case, I can’t.

I don’t care how “good” a program is or may be. If I can’t see a real face/person attached to it who I can verify is real, forget it.

2) The testimonials, are they even real?

Over the 15 years I’ve been an active affiliate marketing and online businessman, I have learned to spot suspicious reviews from people who may or may not be real, or are paid actors. In the case of My Profit Payday, I honestly question all of the success stories I see and here’s why:

In my opinion, some of the “success stories” I saw seemed like bad actors, and because I know how these types of businesses function, I usually head over to to see if I can find the same faces. If you don’t already know, Fiverr has people you can pay to say how amazing your program/service is.

It didn’t take long before I discovered a few of the SAME faces there as I did on the My Profit Payday site.

Need proof? Of course you do, here it is:

I give you exhibit A. This blonde lady, when I first saw her on the sales video (left), I didn’t exactly believe her “convincing speech”. To me, it felt like an act, and in about 10 minutes, I had found her Fiverr page (right). I’ve also included a link so you can do your own research:

my profit payday success story 01

Exhibit B: Next we have another gentlemen who seems like a success story of My Profit Payday, and while this particular fellow took awhile to find on Fiverr, I eventually did. Here is proof:

my profit payday success story 02

Here’s the bottom line: I don’t trust any program when people are paid to say good things about said program. If you want a real example of a program where the testimonials are REAL, see Wealthy Affiliate.

3) Vagueness and missing context (another major red flag):

I am never a fan of programs that beat around the bush with their sales pitches in my opinion and just go on and on about how awesome, secret and “limited for a short period of time” said program is, without really getting into the details.

Just imagine politicians spewing buzz words and feel good stuff, without actually detailing how they’ll do what they say they will. This is how I feel about the types of sales pitches I see with programs like My Profit Payday. Of course, this is my subjective opinion and I do encourage you to watch the sales video yourself, but please to keep an open mind and ask questions. I certainly had a lot of them.

Bottom line here: Good programs are transparent and give details. In my opinion, My Profit Payday didn’t do that and for me to trust it, I need to see that, because there’s just too many suspect and scam programs out there online today and the more transparent a program is, the more likely I am to trust it (which is rare unfortunately).

Conclusions: I don’t see enough real proof to trust My Profit Payday!

Honestly, I should have clicked away when I didn’t see if the owner was real or not, but digging in deeper, and seeing a few of the testimonials prove to be paid for, this closed the lid for me.

I cannot trust any program that does this stuff. Even if the program was sold for $1, I still wouldn’t buy it (and believe me, I have spent tons of money on make money online programs before, regrettably in most cases). Although there are multiple red flags for this particular program, even 1 of these should be enough to close the door (for me at least). It’s really the level of the red flag that does it and My Profit Payday’s case, the 3 red flags here (among others I saw but didn’t include in this review) were more than enough.

I have 0 trust in this program. I have 0 confidence in this program and if I am wrong, you are welcome to correct me below and I’ll happily update this post if that’s the case!

Want to see a real alternative that doesn’t have these red flags and is up front from the start?

my profit payday alternative

I bring to your attention the Wealthy Affiliate program. Unlike “others”, this is an actual program with:

  • Real people behind it.
  • Real success stories (not paid for).
  • A real blueprint where you actually know what you’re getting before you get it.
  • Furthermore, if you do have doubts (and you should especially since programs like My Profit Payday are plentiful out there), you can try it risk free (no credit card needed) to see it for yourself!

I encourage you to check out my Wealthy Affiliate review to see proof of all of this and know that you can succeed online (but it takes work and time).

Thank you for reading this post on My Profit Payday! If you have any questions, just leave them below.

4 thoughts on “My Profit Payday Review – Major Red Flags I Spotted”

  1. When it comes to making money online, there is always someone that knows better. I have lost so much money on courses one after the other, every time thinking this is the one, but there hasn’t been any luck. 

    Well on the bright side thanks for reviewing programs like this, and I must say I have also started with the Wealthy Affiliate program. The first thing that made me believe is that you don’t need to pay anything for the Wealthy Affiliate program, and Kyle teaches you all you need to know on how to start your online business world the CORRECT WAY, and the best of all it is a step by step guide, so even if you aren’t a technology genius you can still do it. 

    Thanks for the great article!

  2. When it comes to online money-making programs, I am always very careful. I have learned the hard way that not all of them are legitimate. So when I came across My Profit Payday I was sceptical too. I’m glad I decided to check this out further before parting with any money. Wealthy affiliate is certainly a far superior option available for anyone to start out on their own business journey.


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