Build Your Empire University Review – Is BYEB Really Legit?

In this Build Your Empire University review, I’ll be sharing what I experienced after trying it, why I decided not to stick around and if it’s a program that’s ideal for you (or not).

A summary of what Build Your Empire University is about:

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What is it Build Your Empire University?

A program that helps you run your own online business promoting BYEB and other things like enagic water filters. In short, what you learn is affiliate marketing, but it’s centered mostly around promoting BYEB and the other products pitched inside.

How does BYEB teach you to make money online?

You learn to promote it and the other products available through Facebook Ads and other online channels (mostly Facebook Ads).

How much does Build Your Empire University cost to join?

There is a $1 trial for 7 days available and then multiple upsells and pitches for other programs and products including:

  • Full membership to BYEB after 7 day trial ($99 a month).
  • Clickfunnels (at least $97 a month with an intro trial available).
  • Buying an enagic machine (I believe the cost was a few $1,000).
  • Other promotional tools like an autoresponder.

Can you make money with BYEB?

Yes, in my opinion you can and the program is legitimate.

Do I recommend BYEB?

I say no in spite of it being legitimate because there are many high ticket initial expenses, and the are several promotions that you then promote which I am not a fan of including Clickfunnels, and especially enagic water filters.

I’ve run into programs like BYEB before and while this program is beginner friendly and the customer support is good, ultimately the model and products promoted don’t make me a fan and this is why I don’t recommend it, nor why I stuck around

My rating for Build Your Empire University: 2.5 out of 5 stars


Who is Build Your Empire University for?

In my opinion people who are experienced at affiliate marketing and actually believe in the enagic water filter stuff (that has a lot of controversies).

Who is Build Your Empire University not for?

In my opinion affiliates who are just starting out and who have very little money to invest. This business opportunity, while only being $1 to start is far from what you’ll truly need to spend to really learn and apply all the material taught to potentially make money.

Additionally, if you are not a believer in the enagic water filter stuff like me, then you may not find value in promoting these products. You can be an affiliate for many other products, services and digital products without being bound to just this promotion and still make great commissions.

My experience with BYEB explained:

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First the good:

I happily joined this program for the $1 trial and also saw some decent reviews for it prior. Upon joining, I was actually pretty impressed by all the lessons and value of ACTUAL training provided.

Many programs I come across with free trials rarely offer real value in training and stuff I can actually learn from. Usually it’s just garbage mindset videos and stuff that doesn’t really have any value. With BYEB, there is are a lot of mindset videos, but it’s mixed well with testimonials from other members and a lot of actual training on promoting BYEB and the opportunity for promoting enagic water filters, and it’s mainly through Facebook Ads.

I also have to give credit to the customer service of this program. When I wanted to leave my trial, I was quickly given support for my question, without any questions and I liked that.

Now the not so good:

So in spite of there being good value in large parts of the program, like I said before, this program isn’t my first experience with such a thing. I had previously been a member of at least 2 other programs to my memory that literally did the same stuff: Offered small membership fee to try, then promoted the whole make your business by promoting us an enagic products. This includes:

1) GAZ, aka Global Affiliate Zone. The pricing was similar and the model was also similar, but this program offered garbage in value and customer support, so I left happily. BYEB is a lot better and for what it’s worth, GAZ isn’t even around anymore (some say it turned into Affiliate Institute).

2) Digital Prosperity Movement which is also known as DPM: Very similar to GAZ and BYEB, but this program also offered a lot of value and good customer support so going through BYEB, I had a bit of nostalgia.

Because all of these programs operate on a business model I am not happy with and don’t endorse, I can’t recommend them, BYEB included.

Conclusions: Why am I not a fan of any of these programs/business models?

Because I think they are:

  • Overrated.
  • Overpriced.
  • Very limited to what you can promote as an affiliate.

Before I explain what I mean by that (because I like details), let me first give BYEB its just compliments:

  • You can make money with BYEB.
  • The support is good and the $1 free trial is good.
  • The program is NO scam. There is legitimacy, good value and so forth.
  • I don’t feel like my experience was wasted or bad.

But my “beef” if you will isn’t so much with the program, as much as it is with the model being taught and I am NOT a fan of it, so the following explaining merges the issues I have with BYEB somewhat and mostly with the model itself:


I am not a fan of the enagic hype. People who promote these products LOVE to preach how awesome they are for health and so forth, but I will raise one simple question I have done before and I still have yet to get an answer that suffices and that is:

If you weren’t being paid so much to promote these products, would you really be as passionate about promoting them? I have said before that money really makes people opinions change quickly and I personally think a lot of what fuels the enagic water filter hype is the compensation you can get for it. Take that out of the picture and I highly doubt the passion will be there and this goes for ALL high ticket affiliate promotions.

For example:

If someone promotes you an enagic product, you’ll hear all the claims about “Oh wow this will change your health like nothing else!” and if they aren’t promoting it to you and the topic of enagic water filters comes up, it can turn into something like this: “What? $1,000s for a water filter? That’s a scam!”. Think about it.


The enagic water filters are not cheap, and neither is your membership to BYEB. I think some of the value in the program is justified, but not enough to be charged $99 a month for it.

But don’t forget, to fully operate your business and promote BYEB and all the other money making opportunities, you will need more tools like a website, autoresponder and possibly Clickfunnels.

Then on top of that, if you wish to promote this program and opportunity faster, you will need to use pay per click affiliate marketing methods to run traffic to your promotion, something I am very cautious about ever recommending to new affiliate marketers (it’s expensive and risky).

Overall, in my opinion any new affiliate marketer seeking to succeed but that has little money for the undertaking shouldn’t be paying $1,000s or paying for paid ads to run their affiliate promotions through. It’s too risky and there are better ways!

Very limited to what you can promote:

When you join BYEB and start applying what they teach, I think it’s safe to say you are “stuck” promoting their membership and enagic water filters. Sure you can choose to use the same training for other promotions but really that kind of stuff is unlikely to happen in my opinion.

I am an affiliate marketing practitioner and coach who loves to help people get into this business, but one of the things I stress is how important it is that you promote stuff you truly believe in and you shouldn’t ever be limited to promoting something that “may” make you a lot of money because people often choose the money potential over the passion, neglecting that the latter is where the true key to success lies.

Why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate over BYEB:

wealthy affiliate alternative vs build your empire university

Wealthy Affiliate in my opinion provides exactly what any new or struggling affiliate marketer needs to succeed and that is:

1) Excellent beginner training (they have a free membership to test this out).

2) Excellent support and tools to help you move forward, even if you’re just getting started.

3) Open ended opportunity, specifically in that you can become an affiliate promoting whatever you want and have passion for in life. You choose your passion and WA helps you make that a real affiliate business (see the success stories within Wealthy Affiliate). No need to be an affiliate promoting make money online products or some crap from Muncheye. You can promote whatever in any niche.

4) Extremely affordable pricing. Free to start and test drive, and only $49/month for all the training you need.

5) Overall, everything that I can associate with my success in affiliate marketing stems from Wealthy Affiliate’s training and you don’t ever need to spend extravagant money on expensive tools to get started or to even succeed.

This is why I am not a fan of the Clickfunnels and autoresponders so many other programs pitch, because in truth you don’t need them until you are advanced and electively decide to use them.

What you DO need is a niche passion for an idea to get started with, then direction and a website to build to get traffic to it and make money from, all of which is covered with the Wealthy Affiliate program.

Now for anyone who is wondering, yes I am promote them, but I get $0 of compensation if you just try it out free (and I want you to see if you like it first) and make very little even if you upgrade, so I’m not one of those high ticket affiliate marketers I was just ranting about 🙂

6 thoughts on “Build Your Empire University Review – Is BYEB Really Legit?”

  1. I certainly am not a fan of these types of programs! At first glance, a $1 trial for 7 days seems a great idea, especially for those starting out on a budget.

    However, after you join you get smacked with multiple upsells at the cost of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars!

    The “hidden upsells” really angers me, which is why I’m such a fan of Wealthy Affiliate. 

    For BYEB, you only get a 7-day trial, after which you’re paying $99 a month, then $97 dollars a month for Clickfunnels, then you gotta get an autoresponder as well.

    Also, I agree with you on the Enagic Machine. The science on this is not 100% conclusive.  

    As a matter of fact, there are similar types of “water ionizing” machines sold through various multi-level marketing programs.

    Unfortunately, once you drink the MLM kool aide, you’ll sell almost anything!


    • Hi Howard, while I agree with most of your points as you do with mine, I will say that BYEB was very upfront with me and honored my cancellation request quickly when I asked for it with no questions. They have value and honestly if they had more online marketing training and less of the enagic element in it, I would even recommend them.

  2. Now, this is what I call a good post. I agree totally with you about promoting high-ticket items. If you don’t like them or don’t agree with the sales hype, then walk away. I worked in sales all my life and stayed with reputable companies for many years. For others, I lasted about a week! You can only sell when you believe in a product. As for Wealthy Affiliate, I am again in complete agreement with you. It’s the best $49 a month that I spend.

    • I don’t think that BYEB is bad. It actually has decent training and value. It’s the whole enagic add on to the business that deters me. 

  3. I love your in-depth view of BYEB and your honesty. I’m one to see through all the hype and work out quite expensive. For instance $99 for the membership and then you have to fork out another $99 for clickfunnels a month to promote the product which you believe is to be in the thousands and then pay per click on top. Thanks but no thanks, it would take a miracle to convince someone like me to turn my head and get me interested in BYEB. It’s a lot of money to promote just one product and get others to join. 


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