5 Day Lead Challenge Review And a Summary of The Course

I just went through Russell Brunson’s new free course known as the 5 Day Lead Challenge. In this review of it, I’d like to share a summary of this course, each day’s notes and what to expect from it.

To start, here’s a short summary of 5 Day Lead Challenge:

5 day lead challenge review

Who created 5 Day Lead Challenge?

Russell Brunson.

How much does 5 Day Lead Challenge cost?

It’s free but “leads” people into another funnel to buy Clickfunnels.

What is the 5 Day Lead Challenge?

It’s a short video course showing people the basics of generating online leads and sending them to an opt in page to collect their emails and through building up trust, selling to those people in an email sequence.

After the 5 Day Lead Challenge is done, people can continue to the “next level” by signing up with the One Funnel Away Challenge in which you sign up to a free trial of Clickfunnels and learn how to promote it.

My rating for 5 Day Lead Challenge: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Do I recommend it? It’s a so so thing.

Personally, I am not an affiliate nor endorser of Clickfunnels and not for bad reasons either.

I just think it’s expensive, unnecessary especially for beginners, and this 5 Day Lead Funnel program is really another recycled way Russell keeps pushing Clickfunnels and it’s all made to sound like it’s easy when in my personal experience, applying such principals is not simple at all.

If you are a beginner and believe email marketing, Clickfunnels is an easy way to make good money, I would warn against that idea because you will have to get involved with Clickfunnels to get started (it’s not a cheap program at all) and there are better ways to start.


5 day lead challenge alternative

The detailed review of the 5 Day Lead Challenge:

For starters, a lot of this stuff is very self explanatory:

  • The course is free.
  • It’s 5 days and 5 lessons of video content.
  • You can skip to the next lesson in this course instead of waiting on the next day’s email.
  • There are also “homework assignments” for each lesson.
  • Each lesson provides templates and further notes on each corresponding lesson.

Aside from that, here is a short summary of each day’s content:

Day 1 (40 minutes long): Russell introduces people to the course in this lesson by talking about lead magnets, the idea of building email lists for short and long term income and creating “hooks” to get people interested in signing up to your email list (the magnet basically).

Day 2 (54 minutes long): Russell talks about one page landers, meaning one page websites which are meant to collect emails and the hook/magnet to get people to opt in (sign up). He gives some examples of dating type niches to illustrate how creating curiosity and interest to make people want to sign up is the first key step to getting them into the funnel and out of it as your sales prospects.

Side notes: I actually have a bit of 1 page site experience with regards to affiliate marketing (and email marketing). I know this works but if you’re very new, this might not be simple to set up.

Day 3 (40 minutes): This lesson talks about starting (creating) that first lead funnel. What Russell talks about is the idea of sending traffic to a “pop up” which creates interest for people (before they hit the one page lander) and that pop up basically makes a short but bold claim about a niche to get people to sign up (enter their email).

After they sign up, then they are taken to the one page lander offering value (and you also have their email so you can provide value on the back end).

Day 4 (56 minutes): This lesson talks about the value of building rapport in your emails. Once you get the people into it, the key is to send out numerous emails over a several day period (like 5 days in this case) to build up your name, reputation and most importantly trust through the emails because at the end of the day, once the email sequence ends, an offer for those opt ins comes up and if we build up enough trust with them, there’s a higher chance of success by the time they reach that final email.

Day 5 (52 minutes): This final lesson is the one I was looking most forward to and that’s because when I began the 5 Day Lead Challenge, Russell was talking about how in this lesson, you’ll learn about generating free leads and so forth.

I gotta say though, I was a bit disappointed because last lesson was not really what I had hoped and here’s what I mean:

They (Russell and another presenter) talk about free lead generation and on social media like Facebook, but through friends, FB groups and pages. It’s a very broad explanation across the board so I can’t really say much about implementation here.

The second thing is a lot of this lesson in my opinion is hype to get you into the next stage of the funnel which is registering with the One Funnel Away Challenge (and Clickfunnels) to get people to join it through you (you becoming an affiliate for it).

Being that I am not a fan of Clickfunnels overall, I didn’t really like this part, but that’s me speaking from personal viewpoints on this subject.


At it’s most basic explanation, the 5 Day Lead Challenge does a good job of explaining the value of Clickfunnels (which I think is a bit inflated), as well as the value of collecting emails and how more, so for beginners, you might feel good about learning from this program.

However, I’ve reviewed a bunch of Russell Brunson programs and in pretty much every single one, this type of messaging is repeated in one way or another, so I’ve gotten a bit used to hearing in previous programs (including One Funnel Away Challenge) like I did in 5 Day Lead Challenge. To date, I’d say the only things I’ve gotten a lot of good value out of Russells products is actually his books:

But for the programs pitched, I think it’s a lot of paint on a wall that isn’t as high in value as it looks (but it is legit). So in short, there isn’t much new stuff for me to personally take away from this and if I could summarize it, it’d be:

“Wow, look how much you can make from email marketing and by using our Clickfunnels program to do it!”

And it really can, but again, I have to bring up the point of even though it sounds easy on the front end, on the back end, this stuff is not easy for beginners. And if you plan to promote Clickfunnels, yes Russell gives you tools to help you out, but you’re also competing with a lot of others doing that same thing too, so overall, I do not think the execution of this formula is very beginner friendly (on paper it sounds like it though).

Alternatives to 5 Day Lead Challenge (2):

Since 99% of all people who visit my site and browse the make money online world are beginners, I think it’s only fair to suggest something that compliments that and for me personally, I also have 2 suggestions which are free for you to learn how to make money online from that I think are better than this:

1) First is my free email course on building a niche website business (your passion). There are 6 lessons in total and you can learn what I honestly consider to this day to be the BEST and most important fundamentals to creating a successful business on the internet.

To access this free course, check out my coaching page here.

2) Wealthy Affiliate. You learn the same stuff here and try that for free, but there’s more actionable steps in the process (you get tasks).

Either way, the free course I provide is a prelude to Wealthy Affiliate and starting your business there.

As for 1 page funnels and email marketing (the stuff Russell preaches about often), that’s down the line and after you set up a good niche business.

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