5 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing is Not Dead, With Proof.

Let’s put these doomsday rumors about affiliate marketing being dead to rest shall we? An an expert in this business, I’m going to give you 5 reasons why it is not so, with proof.

is affiliate marketing dead

Here is a summary of the 5 reasons affiliate marketing is not dead:

  1. Over 4 billion users (the opportunity is growing).
  2. The amount of products you can promote is also growing.
  3. More networks and channels have become available to make money with affiliate marketing.
  4. Affiliate competition isn’t a big deal because 99% of it has no clue how to do it the right way.
  5. If you make a niche business on a passion of yours, then you will succeed.

In fact, I want to make 1 very optimistic thing clear right away:

Generally, on the topic of affiliate marketing being dead, the very OPPOSITE is true.

The affiliate marketing model, business and opportunity has grown, not shrunk and even if you are an absolute beginner, as cliche as this may sound, not only do you have all the space imaginable to enter this business today and succeed, but moving forward, this opportunity is only going to grow for you.

And if for whatever reason, after reading these 5 reasons why it is not dead, you still have ANY ounce of doubt, I encourage you to not be shy and to leave a comment below telling me which exact doubts and worries you have about this business.

I can probably bet you that whatever worries and doubts you have, I have had them throughout the many years I’ve done affiliate marketing. And having overcome those things and gotten incredible results, I already know that most if not all of these worries are distractions and illusions.

Here’s what you need to know about affiliate marketing not being dead:

Now if you watched this video, let me tell you that right now, I’m going to:

1) Show you proof that affiliate marketing isn’t dead (with real sources).

2) I’m going to give you even more proof this is the case and why you should be VERY optimistic about this business.

My goal is with this article is to make sure that you:

  • Put the rumors and doubts about this business behind you.
  • Realize affiliate marketing is a great opportunity, is growing and not dead.
  • And most importantly, realize it yourself by getting into it and seeing the success for yourself.

So let me show you why affiliate marketing is not dead, but is in fact growing:

The goal of all of these reasons is to paint the main picture I just talked about above…

1) The internet and it’s users are growing daily (4 billion and rising).

When I first dove into trying to make money online with this business around 2007, it was estimated that the number of people who used the internet was around 2 billion.

Today, that number is climbing above 4 billion. Here is the source of this info and it is climbing daily:

how many people use the internet screenshot

1 million users is hard to fathom, let alone 4 billion+, but this number to the eyes of an affiliate marketer like myself shows the following things:

More people using the internet = more people buying stuff on the internet, period. You just can’t argue this.

I can also tell you from personal experience that a LARGE chunk of the people who buy stuff online, buy it through blogs, eCommerce websites, online ads and video websites like YouTube, MANY of which are made by affiliate marketers (even though many customers don’t know it). In fact, in regards to YouTube, it’s one of the best ways to do affiliate marketing without a website.

And if you’d like to get started with that, here is a guide on affiliate marketing with YouTube.

It has become far easier to buy things online, with one click buttons, mobile devices and more. The market demand for making it easy to buy stuff online, because of the countless people who use it has made this NECESSARY.

2) The number of products you can promote, has risen to countless levels (endless opportunity).

It’s honestly impossible to gauge just how much opportunity there is with all the products you can promote online as an affiliate, but let’s give it a shot anyway by using just one of the many popular affiliate networks out there: Amazon

It is said that as of this particular period, Amazon has well over 12 million plus it sells (source):

how many products does amazon sell

Now if you didn’t already know, Amazon has an affiliate program, known as the Amazon Associates program, and at this time, the number of people who are registered with it (including myself) is over 2 million.

1) A single affiliate registered on this network has access to promote the 12 million products this program carries.

2) I can tell you that millions of these existing products already have profit potential and popularity ranging in the millions. 

3) I can also tell you that you do not need to have an endless amount of products to promote to make it in this business. A few good offers are all it can take to create a full time income at this, and I have proof of this personally here.

4) Why on earth would Amazon even have this program and opportunity available (for free by the way), if they didn’t see the value in it?

5) I can also tell you that Amazon rose to being the #1 company in eCommerce due to the 2 million affiliates it has promoting it’s products all across the internet, through blogs, social media channels and more.

6) They did the smart thing and by making this opportunity available to us, the affiliates and this has opened the flood gates to their own success, and vice versa.

7) If a single affiliate has access to promote millions of products from a single network like Amazon, if you now start to include the other legitimate affiliate networks out there, and their product promoting opportunities, you will see how it’s limitless.

8) And because this limitless opportunity is immeasurable, that’s a sign that this market is farthest away from “death”.

3) The channels through which you can promote affiliate products has increased.

Not only do you have countless products to promote as I proved above, but the channels through which you can promote them through have also greatly increased. Here’s just some of the most popular networks available where you can promote through:

Now it is true that some of these networks have strict rules on how you can or cannot promote (especially ad networks), but there’s ways around every network and it’s rules if you know what to do, and each of these places either already has countless millions of people browsing through them daily like the 3 major search engines and/or you can create websites which can appear on those search engines and provide you with limitless flows of traffic to it.

Take YouTube itself. Imagine for a moment being an affiliate for Amazon and creating video product reviews. This is totally possible and I even have a real example of myself doing this. 

This is a video I personally created and still see results from (years later):

Multiply this video with the countless other products I or you can promote and how can you not see the opportunity at this point?

4) Competition is not really a big deal in this business.

The truth is 99% of people who are in this business and try to succeed, have absolutely no clue how it’s supposed to be done because they make one of these 10 mistakes.

And in my case, no matter which product I try to promote in whatever niche that is assumed to be too competitive, I don’t worry about that.

Sadly, there are many false gurus and scammers who distract and point ambitious people looking to succeed at affiliate marketing away from it and into schemes that only reward the false gurus. This adds to that 99% figure.

In the end, what TRULY helps the affiliate marketer make the sales and build a REAL passive income in this business is the content they create, whether on their website, YouTube channel or ads and the higher the quality of that content, not only will it automatically overcome the 99% of those who don’t understand this, but the 1% who do know their stuff will still fall to the superior content. 

In other words, the better and more honest you make your promotions, the more you will be rewarded in this business. That video above, was simple and based on honesty, and it’s because of this that it worked (and still does). 

And if you want evidence that affiliate marketing isn’t as over saturated as the naysayers say, the evidence is in that link.

5) If you run an affiliate marketing business based on your passion, you will succeed.

affiliate marketing is profitable

In simple terms, if you create a blog, YouTube channel or ad that reflects a passion you have on a topic you love, you have better chances of succeeding than if you do the opposite.

And in fact, if you add in evergreen niches and combine that with your passion, then you will really skyrocket your odds at succeeding and making a passive income with affiliate marketing.

But back to the point: Chase the passion.

For example, if I enjoy mountain biking, working out, traveling to scenic areas across the world (all of which have profitable potential), or these other niche ideas examples, would it not make sense that I start an online business based on this and promote products I actually understand?

It would, but sadly, too many people who get into this business do anything but that. They have interests in topics A, B and C, but end up choosing D because they think D is where the money is at.

A great example of this is people who despite all the profitable interests they have in this world, get involved in the make money online business.

They have no clue about it, but they get into it because they see or hear about how others are making money with it.

In the end, there are no results in doing this, only time and money wasted.

People do not understand that in this business, you can and SHOULD promote things based on a subject that you love and I can and will show you countless success stories that point to this fact in the future as this site grows.

There are plethora of cases you will see.

If you follow this advice I’m giving you on point 5, I can almost guarantee you that you are going to see success.

Putting all the points together and bringing it back to the original point I made:

With countless internet users, constantly buying stuff online, and all the ways this is growing on a constant basis, I think I have made more than enough of a case as to why affiliate marketing is not dead.

And if you take all of these points and find your ideal niche to start an affiliate marketing business from, I think you will one day have the same points and conclusions I wrote. 

And once again, if there is ANY ounce of doubt you have after all of these points were made, I ask that you please comment below because I truly want you to experience the joy this business carries.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing is Not Dead, With Proof.”

  1. I have been thinking about getting into the affiliate marketing business, and this article is very encouraging. It is very unapproachable because there seems to be unlimited competition and I don’t know the first thing about making a website. 

    How do you get involved in affiliate marketing though? I have no idea how to make a website or get adds or any of that stuff! It is also difficult to know what to trust since there are so many ads for so many programs promising to get you rich online. 

    • It sounds like the best course of action for you Wilson would be using a program that helps you with all of this step by step. Wealthy Affiliate would be what I’d suggest here. Yes there is competition, but 95% and over have no clue how to truly do it, which actually leaves much less competition to worry about than you can imagine!


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