2 Ways to Get Your Suspended Google Ads Account Back up

On 2 separate occasions, I had my Google Ads account suspended (and reinstated thanks to the 2 options I’ll show you) and I am one of many who has had this unfortunate experience.

While some reasons for why Google Ads shuts down accounts are justified, in my personal case, as well as cases from close friends and other stories I hear, it can be quite unjustified.

Whatever the case, you’re reading this now because you are in that spot and you want to know how to get your Google Ads account back from that suspension and I’m about to share how I did it:

2 Ways to Get Your Suspended Google Ads Account Back

Here are the 2 methods I used to get my suspended Google Ads account back up:

  1. Call up Google Ads support, and ask to be reinstated.
  2. Open up a new Google Ads account under a different credit card or via a different person and use their credit card.

In my particular case, the first time I had my account suspended, I used option 2 to get it back, and when it got suspended a second time, I relied on option 1 to get it back again. But I was forced to use these methods “backwards” because Google Ads didn’t have a reliable customer service when my first suspension happened.

In your case, go with option 1 first and only rely on option 2 if the first one fails.

3 reasons your Google Ads account got suspended (how to not repeat past mistakes):

1) You violated one or more of the TOS Google Ads has up:

Any JUSTIFIED suspension of a Google Ads account will occur because of this reason and a lot of people have no clue if they’re actually violating the TOS for Google Ads, because most people just don’t even read them.

You can read the full terms and conditions for Google Ads here, but in short, you aren’t allowed to make ads promoting or selling the following things:

  1. Get rich quick schemes.
  2. Questionable cures to diseases that aren’t really popular.
  3. Gambling or illegal products and services (adult stuff included).
  4. And miscellaneous other things.
  5. You need to make ads that are actually relevant to your product or what you’re selling.

One of the reasons both of my accounts got suspended was because I was doing affiliate marketing work on Google Ads and promoting things that they classified into the first 2 categories above.

In my opinion this was not the case, but it’s very hard to fight against Google once they levy their decision. In any case, be very careful with what you promote or sell on Google Ads if you wish to keep your account up and running.

Because if it does get suspended unjustifiably, you can argue your case with their support team and have a better chance of getting it back.

Note on affiliate marketing:

Some people speculate Google Ads doesn’t like when affiliate marketers try to advertise on their platform.

My experience with it has proven to be true when I got suspended, as they said I was promoting “questionable offers”, but in the last few years, I have noticed many more affiliate sites advertising there, and from my knowledge, there is no specific violation in their TOS for doing affiliate marketing on Google Ads, so it is worth a shot if you’re already in this business.

2) You didn’t violate any TOS, but were just one of the many unlucky people who got hit with a suspension.

This is where I feel I was placed into with both of my suspensions and I dare say it’s probably why you’re here reading this now too.

Yes, it is absolutely true in my experience that Google Ads does shut down MANY accounts unjustifiably and their first “purge” when they did this took out MILLIONS of accounts, lots of which didn’t violate any rules to my knowledge.

  • And this major event was sort of a blessing for myself and the future of this PPC network, and that’s because:
  • For me, it made me expand my online business beyond the Google Ads realm.

All of the bad rep Google Ads got for doing this to their users made them strongly rethink and change up their policies, including adding an actual support number you could call for these types of problems (they didn’t have such a thing originally).

But yes, unjustified suspensions happen and less today than before, but there are numerous reasons such a thing can happen to you today. If it does, use the first method above.

3) Your ad may have gotten a complaint or someone in Google Ads saw your ad and subjectively thought your account should be suspended.

Nearly every ad you put up on Google Ads has to go through a review, and sometimes it is a manual one. If the automatic one doesn’t flag you, a manual one can (and vice versa). Or someone may complain about your ad too and this can also produce problems (not in my experience though but it’s possible).

If this is the reason you get shut out of your account, then again, use the first method above.

The 2 methods to get your Google Ads account reinstated work (but aren’t guaranteed):

call up google ads customer support

1) The first method works because you can actually argue your case with a real person on the phone and I strongly recommend you go the phone route, because emailing takes too long.

Here is the Google Ads official support page. Enter your info and let them get back to you.

Note: Be polite! Don’t scream or be rude, no matter how justified you feel. The better you are at speaking your case politely, will make it easier for them to WANT to help you.

If you find the customer support agent from Google Ads isn’t really being helpful (there’s been cases where I heard or experienced this), escalate your issue and ask for a supervisor.

The supervisor may expedite your situation and get your account reinstated faster, but again, only go this route if the regular customer service agent isn’t being helpful.

2) The second method is a distant plan B, but it works and I was forced to use it back when my first suspension happened and this was because there was no option A. I couldn’t call anyone, and in most cases, my emails got automated responses and the few times I was actually able to get a REAL person from Google Ads to email me, they told me their decision was final and/or referred me to their vague TOS.

Believe me, whatever you’re going through right now with your suspension, I’ve been there and felt it and I know your frustration very well.

Check to see if your account is actually suspended. This is why:

There are accounts that aren’t actually suspended, but are in fact just deleted, cancelled or disabled, and those are entirely different than suspensions. If you don’t see a message on your Google Ads account that says suspended, then it is either one of the other 3 things, for which there are solutions to:

Here is a tutorial to get your Google Ads account back if it’s been cancelled, disabled or deleted.

The big picture: Stop relying on Google Ads if you want your business to thrive!

My 2 account suspensions with Google Ads throttled and honestly forced me to find news ways to make money online and regrow my online business from scratch and the lesson I learned was to never rely on one method to make money online, because these types of things, like account suspensions happen.

In fact, aside from my Google situation, I did experience plenty of other setbacks in my business, including issues with:

  • Bing Ads suspending my account.
  • Rankings loss from my websites.
  • And plenty of other similar situations.

This type of stuff is normal for any online business person and affiliate marketer, but at the same time, while ever problem has a resolution to it, relying on 1 method to make your money is a huge mistake and all it takes is one button to shut down everything you’re making.

Believe me when I say I know how that feels and it’s a horrible feeling no one seeking to make passive income with affiliate marketing or with their online business should ever have to go through (especially when they know better). So this is what I’m trying to say:

Rely on multiple methods to make money online, outside of Google Ads:

If my tutorial on reinstating your account works for you, great. But even if you get it back, whose to say this won’t happen again? I strongly advise you to consider other means of getting traffic and money to your business.

In case, since my 2 account suspensions occurred (and were fixed), I moved out of the Google Ads realm and learned the following new ways to make money for my business:

That’s 7 or more new ways of making money to keep and grow my affiliate business that are already making me money and if Google Ads fails me again, I can shrug it off. And even if one of these 7 other methods also fails, I can still rely on the others.

And that’s really where you want to be if you want to succeed long term in this business. You don’t have to honestly do all the things I’m doing, but have at least 1 or 2 alternative methods of making money with your business, outside of Google Ads.

  • I recommend other PPC networks for starters.
  • And I would recommend you get into blogging if your business is built for it.

Those 2 things alone can be a great substitute for Google Ads should the worst case scenario arrive.

What happened after my Google Ad accounts got reinstated:

1) The first time I experienced a suspension, it was a total disaster and I went broke.

2) The second time it happened, I shrugged it off because I had already invested the time to keep my business afloat with one or more of the methods above.

3) And today, I honestly don’t even do Google Ads much. I have gotten into YouTube Ads which is a branch of it, but I don’t focus much on Google Ads thankfully, because I just don’t have that time.

However, at any point, I can go back, log into my account since it’s been reinstated and run some new ads, and even if I get suspended or my ads don’t get approved, I can still shrug all of that off because I have my other branches keeping my business going.

And that makes me look back at my suspensions and feel grateful, because now I’m liberated from Google Ads.

It’s still there and I can go back to use it, but not having to rely on it is a position where I am happy to be, and it’s a position where I recommend you be as well if you plan to have a sustaining online business.

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