How to Get More Views on YouTube Videos: 11 Proven Methods

I’ve been making YouTube videos for several years now and have learned of at least 11 proven methods on how to get more views on the YouTube videos I make. In this post, I’ll show you exactly what they are.

The results I’ve gotten from applying even one the methods on this list has increased my views 10 fold (at least). The most amazing thing about these methods is that most of them are subtle but they hit people on a subconscious level and make them want to click to see your videos and by following these methods, you can expect the following:

1) More if not WAY more views to your YouTube videos before, now and in the future.

2) The ability to make more money from these videos, since views can lead to more money made via monetization and other means.

The 11 methods that get more views to your YouTube videos (free to use):

how to get more views on youtube videos 01

  1. Pick good products or topics to do videos on (guaranteed views).
  2. Apply good keyword research to your videos.
  3. Make a good title for the video (use action words).
  4. Provide visual proof in the thumbnail of the video.
  5. Include a person in the thumbnail of the YouTube video.
  6. Include a person in the thumbnail doing something (action).
  7. Use action words in thumbnail.
  8. Good content in video (show you know what you’re talking about).
  9. Do top 5 or 10 lists (they always get views)
  10. Use good keyword tags when uploading.
  11. Make videos that solve problems (easy views).

Before you start using these methods, know that you don’t need to use all 11 to get the best results. Use some in combination, but NOT all. In fact, I would urge you not to. Sometimes using all of these methods together can produce the opposite results.

The purpose of these methods is to catch the eye of your potential YouTube viewers and get them to click on that video and you will definitely be seeing those results from using even 1 of the methods on this list.

1) Pick good products or popular topics to do videos on (more guaranteed YouTube views):

Reviewing popular products you own or videos on popular subjects has always worked in getting more viewers and this tip spans beyond YouTube. It works for ads, it works for blogging and everything online related.

To use this method in the best possible fashion:

1) Create a list of products you own and see which ones are popular. Start making review videos on these products. You will surely get a lot of views.

For example:

I have many drones and cameras, so if I make YouTube videos on each one reviewing them, I can (and will) get many views to each video).

2) Create a list of topics you know about and then see which ones are popular and getting views on YouTube already. Then make your own video on that subject and share your knowledge on it.

For example:

If you love video games, see which ones are trending and make video playthroughs on them. You will absolutely get views to them.

2) Use good keywords in the videos you make (good keywords = more views):

good youtube video titles lead to more views

Every single video you make on YouTube has to be accompanied by a certain title.

In order for the video to get more views, it is imperative that it have a certain keyword so your audience finds that video.

For example:

If I am reviewing a popular phone like an iPhone 12, I can use the following keywords in my title:

  • iPhone 12 Review
  • iPhone 12 Bugs
  • iPhone 12 For First Time Users
  • iPhone 12 Unboxing

These are just 3 keywords that many people who are thinking of buying or already own a previous iPhone will type who want to know more about the new iPhone 12 model.

They’ll hop on YouTube and look these things up and by using these types of keywords in your title, you will be able to rank for those searches and get more views.

See how I do keyword research for my YouTube videos here, and you’ll understand easy ways to find keywords for any video you create, I promise.

3) Increase your view count by making your title look great (titles get views):

The above keywords I used are a good start, but a great title that adds to these keywords will improve your view count even more.

For example:

Adding to the iPhone 12 keywords I used, here’s some awesome titles you can use for your videos:

  • iPhone 12 Review. 10 Reasons This is The Best iPhone Yet!
  • 5 Things You Need to Know About The iPhone 12 (Before You Buy)

Titles like these not only use the keyword you want to get views on (the iPhone), but it also makes people curious.

  • What are the reasons I want to buy the iPhone 12?
  • What are these 5 things I need to know about it?

These titles make people WANT to click and they will. I’m just giving you examples, but you will want to use similar things for the videos you currently have or will have in the future.

4) Provide visual proof in the thumbnail of the video (proof imagery get views):

Are you creating a video where:

  • You are reviewing a specific product?
  • Answering questions to a problem?
  • Talking about a popular subject?

In any one of these cases, provide an image that actually shows this, so it acts as visual proof. Visual proof enhances people’s trust in clicking on the video and that it will show them what they came to see.

Example 1: 

I reviewed a specific backpack and in the video, you can actually see me holding it (visual proof):

how my youtube video got tons of views case study 02


Example 2: 

I created a tutorial on making money through a platform called Bing Ads and in the thumbnail I use the term Bing Ads and show my income from using it (visual proof):

how to get more views on youtube videos case study 2


5) Include a person in the thumbnail of the YouTube video (should be you ideally):

I used to be very shy about showing my personal picture on the thumbnail but as I got more comfortable using YouTube, this subsided. Basically, with whatever thumbnail you use, you’ll want to include your own image.

One of the experts I learned this tip from (an Affiliate Coach named Jay) said that your image on a video gets more because people feel a safer connection and social proof when they see it. I know firsthand that when I see people’s faces on a thumbnail, I am more inclined to click on it.

Run this experiment on yourself when you browse YouTube and see which videos get you to click and why. You may notice a lot of the videos you click on get those clicks because the thumbnails have people’s faces on them.

Note: Use to make amazing thumbnails (free).

6) Include a person in the thumbnail doing something (action or shock gets views):

If you’re comfortable enough showing yourself in the thumbnail of a YouTube video, the next stage of getting more views from it should be you actually doing something in the thumbnail.

For example:

The following types of images of people will get views:

how your face impacts how many views your youtube videos get


You can see the people smiling, looking passively and really not doing much. This will work, but it won’t work as well as if you use the next approach to this.

For example (action):

Notice how the following images have people actually doing something (pointing, grabbing their head, going WOW, ect…):

why you will get more views on youtube when you use shocking faces


This type of action thumbnail gets people to click more because motion type images catch the eye better. Try to use these in your thumbnails and you will get more views to your videos!

7) Use action words in thumbnail (and title):

Action words are almost like magnets for the eyes you can input into your thumbnail to get people to view the video:

For example:

The following types of words are used in the following titles and the action parts are bolded:

  • iPhone 12 Review. WOW, This Phone is Amazing!
  • Exploring an Abandoned Mine. This Was TERRIFYING!
  • Mountain Biking Down a Mountain. Epic Crash!

You can even use these action words in the thumbnail of your video and this will also get people to want to click it.

Here is a good guide to making YouTube thumbnails from scratch (very beginner friendly).

8) Good content in video (show you know what you’re talking about):

how to use likes to get more youtube video views 05


Most of the tips I’ve given you so far have revolved around the outer edge of the video and it will get people to click on it, but if you’re going to grow a business out of this, monetize the video, get likes, and shares, you’ll need to actually deliver on that video and to do that, you need good content.

One of the reasons why the first of the 11 methods on this list says to pick products and topics you know about is because the content you make on these things will already have social proof and evidence behind it to make good content.

  • When I own the product I review, I can make a better review.
  • When I talk about a subject I know about, I can make a better video detailing that subject.

People click on videos because they want to see what’s on the other end, and if you can deliver good content on top of that click and view, then you’ll be able to really get those people to trust you and come back to your future videos.

9) Do top 5 or 10 lists (they always get views):

Top lists have always been amazing at getting views because when people want to make a decision, on say buying a product or they are in the market to get something, but don’t know what specific one to get, they’ll head over to YouTube and type in “top so and so product” so if you’re knowledgeable about multiple products in the same niche market, make top 5 or 10 lists on them.

For example:

  • Top 10 camping flashlights
  • Top 10 drones for beginners
  • Top 5 hosting services for websites
  • Top 10 ways to make money in affiliate marketing

10) Use good keyword tags when uploading (tags get more reach = more YouTube views):

Keyword tags are optional settings you can include in your video when you upload it to help YouTube better distribute it on it’s search engine. While doing this won’t guarantee your video lands in the keyword you selected, it will still help if you include it, so you can get more exposure and more views to that video.

For example:

If I make a video reviewing the iPhone 12, I will use the following keywords:

  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 review
  • iPhone 12 reviews
  • iPhone 12 bugs

As long as my video talks about these keywords in the actual video, I will be able to actually rank for those terms on YouTube and attract viewers to that video. You can add as many keyword tags as you want, but I recommend keeping it simple and under 10.

11) Make videos that solve problems (easy, mass views on YouTube):

Solving problems is one of the best ways to get audiences to your videos and I have an awesome example of this. I made a video covering how to solve a common bug YouTube creators were experiencing.

The video was less than 2 minutes long, but actually showed people what they needed to do to fix it and that video got massive amounts of views and still does. Here is the screenshot of that video (and YouTube link to it) and by the way, I still monetize that video this day!

ways to get more views on youtube case study 07

If you have a topic you know about and can solve problems in that subject, absolutely make YouTube videos on it because you will get masses of views from it.

For example:

  • How to stop acne.
  • How to stop a breakup.
  • How to solve a specific pain.

These things will get you YouTube views, I promise. And using action words like:

  • Solve.
  • Solution.
  • Fix.
  • Answer.

Are all great action words you can use alongside these types of videos to increase the view counts.

What to expect from utilizing these 11 methods to getting more YouTube views:

For new YouTube content creators:

If you’re just starting a YouTube channel, and you start implementing these methods, don’t expect to see results immediately and this is OK since new channels always have less authority and exposure by YouTube, but if you keep pumping out good video content and utilizing these methods with them, you can expect to see them explode in rankings and get more views overtime (it takes a few months typically).

Case in point:

I run a travel blog and YouTube channel alongside it. One of the very first videos I made on that YouTube channel had a great keyword, a great thumbnail and by all accounts, all the ingredients necessary to get it views and when it was first uploaded, it was only getting 1-2 views a DAY:

how to get more views on youtube proof 03


Notice how after a few months later (after I started cranking out more video content on the channel), I began to see a MASSIVE spike in views for that original video and now it’s up to 900+ views and growing.

Because the channel is far more recognized now by YouTube, my video’s rankings are climbing with that climb, because I am utilizing the methods on that video that I talked about in this tutorial, it’s getting even more views because I set the video up to be easy to see for people:

  • It has a good thumbnail.
  • It uses good keyword research.
  • It uses words like “safety”.
  • And overall it has good content, which is why it gets a lot of likes now.

All of these investments I put into the video, now mixed with YouTube ranking it better are what drive it forward with views now. You will see a similar thing with your videos when you start doing this too.

For existing YouTube creators who already have videos:

You’re going to definitely be seeing more views to your existing videos if you start implementing these methods. Your channel will grow at a far better rate than it did before and that will get you even more exposure on YouTube.

You’ll want to go back through your older videos and apply these methods to them when possible. And as you make new videos, start making it a habit to use these methods in them so you don’t have to fix it later.

As you get better and better at applying these methods, and seeing their results in more views from it, you will get much better at applying these methods faster and faster.

Bonus (12): Use a program like Tubebuddy.

Tubebuddy helps you apply a lot of the principals on this list to your YouTube videos and this can help them get more views.

Monetization (making money off your videos):

Once your videos start getting more views, I suggest you start trying to make money off that and a few ways to do that are:

3 reasons these methods work to get you more views on YouTube:

1) I’ve personally tested them and know they work. Now I apply them across the board.

2) The best YouTube content creators who get the most views/subscribers and results use these methods too.

3) Like I said earlier, most of these methods (if not all) affect the subconscious and act as magnets for people to want to view your videos. You are basically setting up your videos in a psychological way to get people to want to see them.

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