Wealthy Affiliate Review 2021 (Why It’s The Best Place For Anyone to Succeed Online)

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  1. I just started the free membership. I already have my own hosting, theme, plug-ins, & a lot of domain names. Will I be able to use my own services with this program? I lost a domain name on an Udemy course site that had their own hosting & would rather use my own.

    • Hi James, I saw you joined WA and asked this question, but I’ll answer it here too just in case you or others want to know:

      So the answer is yes, you can use an existing domain and hosting outside of WA to run your business. You’d just use the training in WA and it’s tools and apply it to that site/s.

      Regarding your Udemy situation, I understand you want to use “your hosting”, but the thing to understand is, that’s actually quite expensive. What you’re talking about requires you have your own hosting server and that can be extremely expensive, which is why people who want to host websites typically use third party services, and there’s many good ones, and in my opinion, one of the best is Wealthy Affiliate, which you can actually not just host on for new sites, but also move existing hosting accounts you have (and aren’t happy with) to WA too.

      You would get awesome hosting there and A LOT of benefits included for stuff other places would charge you a ton extra for, so you’d save money and get great quality hosting together (and of course, awesome training too).

      Of course, if you decide to leave WA, you would need to move the hosting to another provider and that’s the nature of things in this business.

      I hope I answered your questions and if you have any followups, feel free to contact me here or in WA directly 🙂

  2. Awesome stuff, Vitaliy! It has been a week since I joined, and you know the story: I’m absolutely loving it. For anyone considering WA, I just have a simple message: do it! Seriously, you owe it to yourselves. I have tried out numerous things online, and I have to say nothing comes close. That includes e-commerce, which provides me a decent full time income. I never found a single place that provided me everything I needed to succeed in e-commerce. I paid a high price in money and sweat grabbing pieces here and there along the way. WA is a different story when it comes to affiliate marketing, and a heck of a friendly place too.

  3. Thank you, Vitaliy for posting this blog for me to find.

    It was over 4 years ago that I signed up as a free member and looked over the training. I learned a lot from that but got distracted with other things that didn’t make me any money.

    Recently searching (again) for something to make money online, I ran across this post by Vitaliy and was inspired to upgrade my membership to Premium and focus this time.

    Already, in just a week, my overall ranking has moved up many thousands of positions and I have made my first referral affiliate commission. Imagine where this can go after I have completed all of the training.

    I encourage anyone reading this to go ahead and sign up for free but don’t procrastinate becoming Premium. Be consistent in following the training and getting help from the community and success will follow.

    I can tell you from personal experience that there is a lot of junk (and scams) online, but Wealthy Affiliate is real and will reward you according to the effort you put into it.

    Sign up with Vitaliy. He is an excellent coach and will help you along the way.

    • Hi Archie, really appreciate you coming back to WA and sharing this experience. I’m happy to work with you inside this program and am glad to hear you are already making progress (and working hard at it this time around).


  4. I was looking for some guidance on affiliate marketing. I probably landed on Vitaliy’s blog through a Google search.

    I had been inundated with affiliate marketing program advertisers promising done for you, just plug in and watch the money overflow your accounts, if not tomorrow, then for sure, in 20 or 30 days! I wasn’t buying that kind of hype.

    Vitaliy’s post on Wealthy Affiliate was reassuring and giving WA a try was easy. WA appears to have everything I need to launch a successful business. I am currently building my website and WA has made the process pretty easy.

    And the WA community is wildly supportive. No need to get stuck when so many generous experts willing to help if a question arises. I join Vitaliy in recommending Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Hi Brian, really appreciate you sharing that. I also appreciate that you didn’t fall for many of the “done for you” hyped programs out there. We don’t guarantee success in WA, but I promise that we will give you all the tools, training and help that actually is proven to work if you use it and it’s my pleasure to work with you inside WA to help you accomplish your goals (which in this case is centered around affiliate marketing).

  5. I joined Wealthy Affiliate recently, and my experience so far is very positive. Very detailed information, step by step guidance and supportive team members. I would recommend it for those who want to start somewhere because no previous knowledge is necessary. Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Josh, for the main training, yes (more advanced training in the paid memberships gets into other methods).

      As for the blogging thing, this is the most cost effective way to build a profitable website and make money from it. Even if you are new to this, the good news is that you will be shown how to start and get good at it.

      When I began, I also felt the same way, but today, even though I am advanced, I still blog and the key is to make your content on topics you know about. This will help a lot.

  6. Hello Vitaliy,

    Im very new to the idea of a online business. I’m interested in this program. What up front charges should one expect and how do you get started. What about the old saying of “if it’s to good to be true then it likely isn’t”?

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Chris, so the good news is that you can literally start for free, get 1 website and my help for 7 days (in addition to 10 lessons and more actually). If you choose to, you can upgrade your membership and from here, there are a few initial expenses:

      1) Buying your website domain to own it fully ($13.99 a year). In WA, you get 1 website and it is a subdomain. You can use it as you like and it functions as well as a site you own, but for people seeking to build a serious online business, you should upgrade that site to a domain you fully own and in WA, the pricing for that is much better than many other places.

      2) A $49/month membership to the premium program (optional is also the $99/month premium plus, but that’s really optional). This would give you the full training benefits, access to the community, myself (private messaging) and much more.

      In other places outside of WA, you would need to buy extra stuff like SSL, hosting, keyword tool and some other miscellaneous stuff ($100’s a month likely in other places) but in your $49/month membership, you get that included (so no extra charges).

      And as your business grows and you choose to, you can get more stuff but those 2 things will be more than enough to start and grow a business (the rest is included in the WA membership). If you choose to buy something outside the WA site, then that will obviously cost something extra.

      What you’ll find in WA is that while there are some expenses involved in building a serious online business, they are quite small compared to what other places/programs charge for this and in addition to all of that, you get access to myself so you can get my help included at no extra charge (if you join through me of course).

      Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

  7. Where are the testimonials of satisfied long term users? Most of these folks are new and no one mentions their income.

    • If you watch my video above David, I show you the success stories (long term users). You’re welcome to pause that part of my site and see it. The specific parts of the video to look for that are:

      1) In the first 20 seconds of the video.
      2) After 4:00 into the video.

      These testimonials/success stories update regularly on the WA site. You will also find many people don’t really like to be public about their success and keep it all private too.

  8. I’m a firm believer affiliate marketing is a good passive free income stream. My friend purchased WA and I saw his website he made, being in SEO and knowing good content when I see it, it’s obvious to me my friend has zero to no chance of getting any traffic, compared to a site that’s awesome at doing what he’s trying to do the difference is all star Vs t-baller in a special handicap league. How good do you need to be at content creating, web design, and SEO to have a chance to make 6 digit yearly income ?

    • Hi Dustin, obviously you need to be good at all of this to succeed online and WA will provide you with the tools and training to do this.

      I don’t know about your friend, but if the look of his site is what you said is the issue, then I can tell you that the look of a site and SEO are not connected. The content, keywords and other necessary things are and this is what you’ll learn.

      I know of many good website builders and sites that look amazing, but have 0 SEO knowledge and don’t do well. A bad looking site with good SEO application can outperform a good looking site with little/no SEO knowledge any day so you don’t need to be a web designer to make this work.

      WA will however provide you with a good list of options for website themes to choose from and help you adjust/edit it as you see fit so you will have the opportunity to make it a good looking site (and apply SEO strategies that work).

    • Hi Claudette, try to join Wealthy Affiliate in the above box. It should work fine, but if it doesn’t, let me know and I’ll help you create an account.

  9. I have to admit I was most definitely skeptical at first about WA. Although I was completely blown away at the ease of the training and how established it was. I’m glad I joined. It was by chance I ran across this blog and decided to give it a try. It was well worth it!

      • Hi Vitaliy!

        I joined Wealthy Affiliate based on your review and am enjoying the learning experience so far. It’s a great supportive community and perfect to keep me motivated when things get tough.

        Thank you for your support on WA and look forward to continuing my journey.


  10. Do not buy into this. Word of advice moving forward. If somebody has to use someone else’s business to attempt to promote their own they have no business. If you are running a successful business you do not have the time to focus on other online business’s and tear them down and also successful people support each other. It won’t get you anywhere.

    • Hi Ben, as a whole I would agree with you, but when it comes to WA, you’re wrong and with all due respect, I’ll explain why:

      1) The stuff you said about using other people’s businesses to push yours is not accurate at all.

      2) There’s tons of horrible scam programs and predatory individuals in the make money online world and for anyone whose been scammed or lied to about them, they would know (I’m one of them).

      3) You can’t just assume every business is legit out there that promises to teach you to make money online and if you go that route, I promise that you will quickly find the scammers and they will trick you.

      4) I don’t put down legit businesses and if you check my reviews, I even recommend several I don’t even promote (Affiliate Lab, Growth Cave to name a few).

      5) I happen to think, based on my experience that Wealthy Affiliate is the best and if anyone doesn’t believe me, try it for free like I recommend.

      6) The whole successful people support one another would be true if they were all ethical individuals, but this business is loaded with fake gurus and a lot of liars who make their money lying to people. I don’t support people like that and know how to tell them apart.

      7) I’m very open to debating you on this, but please, be specific. Umbrella terms and generalizing statements leave out most of the important details, so if you’re going to criticize me, please be specific.

      • I agree with everything you wrote. Well done. I do not have or use the program and was very thankful for the the review and constructive review of printable profits.

    • I do not have any vested interest in WA and do not own that product but what you said is not accurate at all.

      When you are running a business, you MUST take time to know what else is out there. There is a big difference in “tearing down” and giving a fair comparison.

      As for supporting others, that is what we should be doing, if deserving. And it’s very harmful supporting someone who promotes something possibly misleading.

  11. Hello Vitaliy,

    I’m new to WA and still in training but I’m enjoying it. The trainings are easy to interpret and follow. With perseverance I believe I will achieve my goals and the WA community is very supportive.

    Glad to be here.

    • That’s awesome Amelia! Really want to thank you for sharing that and letting us know how much you enjoy WA 🙂

  12. I am still new to WA and have been glad to join this program and have been able to enjoy their beginner training course. Hope to be able to have my own website soon with their friendly supportive community.

    • Hi Jennifer, it’s great to have you there! And the great news is that in WA, you will be building your website within the first few lessons of the training and this is going to be very beginner friendly 🙂

  13. Hello Vitaliy,

    Since I started the WA program it has been one of my best online moments in my life and I am really enjoying all of it. I am really grateful to you, because you have always been there to ensure my smooth landing. Thank you!

  14. I recently joined Wealthy Affiliate after researching affiliate marketing for about 12 months. I think I have read every possible blog there was to find on how to make it big on the internet with affiliate marketing.

    Truth is, these sort of blogs scared me a bit because I don’t want to be a millionaire and have holidays every week and the fastest cars (ect…). I just want a sustainable business for me and my family that will grow with my knowledge and let me have a life to enjoy.

    Thankfully I read this blog and I was hooked. Within the first few days of training the decision had been made to go premium. There is no hard sell, no one promising you the world but a platform filled with very successful people willing to help and give you advice and the training is awesome.

    This is not a get rich quick scheme but a business model with proven results from the top down. Everyone within Wealthy Affiliate has started where I am now and with hard work, persistence and listening to those who have made a success, then I feel sure my new career path will be enjoyable and very rewarding.

    It was also fantastic that from day one as other members of Wealthy Affiliate (including Vitaliy) reached out and connected to me helping me build a support group and giving away nuggets of advice. The only way to learn is to listen and follow those who know what they are doing and are still doing it.

    As I work through the training and set up my first website I can feel the vibes and energy and just want to say thank you Wealthy Affiliate for the best decision I have made so far this year 2021. Thank you and just love the training!

    • Hi Janet! Really appreciate your message on WA! I really like what you said about not wanting that “millionaire” mindset and wanting a passive income which is exactly how it’s supposed to be done and ironically, this is the best way to reach success (not cutting corners to millions like other programs preach and honestly lie about).

  15. I recently enrolled in Wealthy Affiliate the other week after walking away from a couple of affiliate marketing groups that were big on show, big on charisma but emptying me of both my wallet and any enthusiasm I had on getting my own business started.

    Needless to say, I entered my first day with WA with curiosity but with a good dose of skepticism too. It blew my mind.

    On my first day of enrollment, WA literally opened the platform to me, with training tools and resources that are easily accessible as a new member.

    Vitaliy and company emailed me personally to introduce themselves and do their darndest to make sure I knew on day one that they and other Wealthy Affiliate members were there to help with questions.

    Community members also welcomed me warmly (I didn’t have to dig my way around WA to find them – They found me!) and the deep dive into what I thought was going to be another icy affiliate group, felt more like home. I’ve never felt that way about anything related to affiliate marketing, so for me that’s a fantastic first.

    With trust gained, I upgraded to Premium Service this week and the value of the additional features are worth my investment in WA. I’m a work in progress, of course. The success in creating a profitable business still depends on me rolling up my sleeves to get the work done (no shortcuts in life like that – that never changes).

    Wealthy Affiliate has my back though and they’re rooting for my success. That’s an enormous difference in my experience.

    • Thank you Adam! A lot of people also come to WA from other programs which do similar things in offering a lot of hype and really leaving people empty on money and opportunity. WA’s creators from the get go wanted to be a unique platform in that sense and everything you saw is a reflection of that. I’m glad you like it here and are staying as well as growing your business.

  16. While researching a similar site on Google I came across Wealthy Affiliate. The best thing I did was to take a look, 3 weeks later I am a Premium member with a website taking shape to start my online business.

    There is absolutely no pressure put on you to subscribe, I chose to take advantage of the offer for the first month. The welcome and support from the community especially the more advanced/experienced members like Vitaliy is inspiring.

    As with anything in life, you have to put the work in to get the rewards. I don’t expect to get rich quick.

    I am looking forward to my first website getting to the stage where it starts earning and then starting my second Website. Overall I am looking forward to my experience and knowledge growing over the next few months with Wealthy Affiliate.

  17. I am a salon owner and educator and decided to use my time wisely and set up an online business. It was after reading this blog that I decided to try out the free WA introduction.

    I had a business mentor/friend of mine to have a look over the WA firm and she was impressed that they are well established and have very good reviews. I have already upgraded because it’s been so beneficial.

    The more I’m learning with WA, the more I realize I need to know. They provide all the knowledge I could possibly need and more. Looking forward to the next steps to making a success of my new business.

    • Hi Naomi, great to hear your review of Wealthy Affiliate! I want to mention that we have a lot of local marketing content inside the premium membership which you can apply to your existing salon business to grow it. But aside from this, thanks for sharing your review!

  18. Hello Vitaliy,

    Just wanted to drop by and say thank you. I’ve only been with Wealthy Affiliate a short period of time but I can’t say enough good things about you and it’s members. I feel I made a great decision in joining the community and look forward to my future success.

    Thanks again.

    Marc Cormier

  19. Hi Vitaliy,

    Just wanted to give you a quick shout out to say thank you. Learning the ropes with affiliate marketing can be daunting, especially for the technologically illiterate such as myself.

    Wealthy Affiliate has really managed to create an awesome program that has made the dream of building a sustainable business online possible for anyone who is willing to put in the effort, and so far I couldn’t offer any further constructive criticism.

    What’s more impressive is the community they’ve established in the industry. I can’t tell you how reassuring it is to have so many experienced and successful entrepreneurs reach out to me in such a short time, offering their knowledge and expertise.

    That level of support isn’t necessarily easy to find in this day-in-age and I’m glad I happened upon your blog otherwise I might not have found it. I look forward to completing the course, and with it, creating my own unique online business.

    To our success,


    • Thanks Joel! Yeah Wealthy Affiliate does really provide that necessary beginner friendly training needed to succeed and I’m glad it’s really going well for you!

  20. Hey Vitaliy,

    I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for just a short time but so far it’s turning out to be a smart move. I came into the online business model with no experience or knowledge of the process and so far I’ve been completely comfortable with it all. I actually feel like I know what I’m doing and I’m making great progress daily.

    I owe that to the great training I’ve received through Wealthy Affiliate thus far. I really appreciate how you and the rest of the community have reached out to me to help through this process as I got started.

    Thanks to you and the Wealthy Affiliate community for your support.


    • Hi Mo, I really appreciate you sharing that, especially the part about being comfortable with this process. That’s a major reason people succeed or fail and in Wealthy Affiliate, the comfort is there all throughout the program, whether it be:

      1) The training itself which is beginner friendly.
      2) The supportive community you can reach out to.
      3) Myself and other pros.
      4) And the tools to help you get an all in one experience to build the online business you truly strive to.

      I look forward to hearing your future progress in Wealthy Affiliate as well as success.

  21. I found this post in a series of seeming coincidental events, but at this point I know nothing is coincidental. More like synchronicity. You absolutely owe it to yourself to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate.

    I signed up a few days ago and have already began creating a website, posting my own content within the community, and have learned a ton. I had a bit of a background in affiliate marketing before, but it was mostly just knowledge.

    I wasn’t in the game of taking action before, but as I’ve grown I have realized that taking action is the only way to make progress. You can learn all of the knowledge known to man, but if you do nothing with it, it’s worse than not knowing anything at all.

    WA is truly a geographic oddity in the realm of information on how to make money on the internet. No get rich quick scheme, they truly help and show you how to build a sustainable business online.

    You will learn skills that will follow you through life and allow you to succeed at anything you try. So, take action and sign up with Wealthy Affiliate. If you’re serious about making your own money, and being your own boss, TAKE ACTION. This program will only work for people willing to help themselves.

  22. I am new Wealthy Affiliates. However, I have success in starting businesses (Just not online). What I do know is from the start you receive immediate help! Vitaliy reached out to me when I joined, and when I had a question, he responded quickly!

    So, if you are looking for the right company, and the right person to get help I encourage you to reach out to Vitaliy.

    • Hi Kirk, thank you! Yeah anyone who joins WA through this website gets expedited help from me personally. This is part of my coaching offer.

  23. Hi Vitaliy,

    I have been for almost a month part of the Wealthy Affiliate so there is still lots to check and use but definitely the first thing that stands out is the community. There is a ton of knowledge and it is definitely a great place to start learning and building an online business.

    Thank you for your support and help and looking forward learning more from you and the WA team in there!


  24. Hey Vitaliy!

    I really hope this blog can help others find their way into their own versions of success. With the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) training and programs, quite literally anyone can build their way into financial freedom. Every possible tool is handed to you along with the guidance of the community all to help you along the way.

    No matter what previous experience you may or may not have, you sure will learn everything along the way. Personally, I’m just starting out with the next step of the premium membership and I’m already confident in my ability to reach success.

    Thanks for your continued support Vitaliy and I hope you can guide others to WA’s amazing platform and community!

    • You are welcome and I know from our conversations that the niche you chose is a profitable one Andrew! I look forward to seeing this site and online business grow in 2021!

  25. I was at another training program that I wasn’t completely comfortable with, so I did a search for their reviews. There were a few people comparing Wealthy Affiliate and the other program on YouTube and I immediately felt more drawn to Vitaliy’s video.

    Thanks for your advice and continued support Vitaliy. I know we will go a long way together.

    • My pleasure George! Yeah sadly, a lot of programs out that don’t deliver nearly as well as Wealthy Affiliate does and it certainly makes the choice much easier for people.

  26. Hello Vitaliy,

    I’m new at Wealthy affiliate, and I´m loving it so far! WA is simply a real good place to start your online business career. Really welcoming and nice community!

    Appreciate all the help I get from you as as well!

    All the best!

  27. It’s really hard to describe just how amazing Wealthy Affiliate is. I have tried many online ways to make money and Wealthy Affiliate surpasses every single one in so many ways.

    The best way I can describe it is that it feels like coming home. The community is beyond helpful, uplifting, knowledgeable, and full of integrity. The step-by-step instruction, tutorials, and training provide me with everything I need. With all the support it’s easy to feel confident in meeting and surpassing my goals.

    And I have to send you a specific thank you Vitaliy. I tend to have millions of questions and when I struggle you give me all the help I need. I am so thankful that I found WA because of you!

  28. Hello Vitaliy

    I am absolutely loving my experience at Wealthy Affiliate. I am new here but I love the lessons and I love the step by step method and the tasks at the end of each lesson.

    Wealthy affiliate makes it easy for learners to grasp the concepts as the lessons are delivered step by step and you can actually apply what you learn in each lesson! Plus you can go back and do any lesson you already did. Its fabulous.

    I have upgraded to premium because it is absolutely worth it. WA are who they say they are. You will absolutely love being a member. Looking forward to learning more from you Vitaliy.


    • Hi Karen, thank you and yes, there are a ton of benefits in WA from their learning material, to community, tools and more and I am really glad to hear you’re enjoying it there!

  29. Hi Vitaliy,

    I am grateful for your thorough review about Wealthy Affiliate.

    I am enjoying the lessons they offer. I have my website up and running. I am not a blogger but I am learning the skill.

    I love how they offer step-by-step procedures and support from the community is invaluable. Indeed they are a “Pay It Forward” Family.

    I decided to leave starter package and joined Premium because I believe, if u did it, I too can!

    To those who are reading this and are not members yet, I want to assure you that He offers the personal coaching he talks about in this review.

    Vitaliy, thank you for this inspiring review. Thank you for including motivating success stories, your income reports and frequently asked questions sections.

    I look forward to learning more from you.


  30. I’ve signed up to WA before, right at the very beginning of my affiliate marketing journey. I didnt really take WA seriously though. Not until I saw your YouTube video on bing ads and read your website, and realized how great the content was on your website (and obviously saw your coaching).

    I decided to sign up for it as I thought its a free sign up and have nothing to lose. Then I decided to actually pay for premium and actually think its good!

    There’s great training videos on there and coaching from you is amazing too. You’ve been super patient with me and have answered all the questions that I asked. So for that, I’m really grateful and thank you. Love the coaching/mentor system in WA cause sometimes it just helps having a mentor there to help you get through things you don’t know about.

    If anyone is starting off with affiliate marketing – definitely use WA, it is a great starting point.

  31. Hello Vitaliy,

    I’m writing this post just to say how wonderful and helpful it has been since joining the community here in WA. I have joined other affiliate training programs and without a doubt, this has been the best by far.

    All the other programs I had joined to start were ok in their prices. WA is completely free to join and no CC to begin with. Most of the others give you a basic run down and then want you to pay more and more as you continue in order to get the tools and the perks needed to succeed.

    Well, not here at WA, the only price you need to pay in order to get everything you could possibly need to succeed in the business is a month to month price of $49. This is unheard of any other program of this caliber and trusts me it’s well worth it and then much much more.

    I’m very satisfied with my coach (you) and this program. The help that you receive here is like none other and its actual real help and guidance. Joining this program has been the best choice I have ever made in my entire life.

    • Hi Whitney, I’ve also tried many different programs, before and after joining WA and each time that I do, I appreciate this program even more because of the many things you also said it has that others do not, most notable is the value and the great deal it delivers it for. It’s great that you’re part of this community and see that 🙂

  32. I joined Wealthy Affiliate (WA) recently and I’m so glad I did. I’ve actually been in affiliate marketing for a few years now, but on a part-time basis. I’ve made some money but had been wanting to ramp things up a bit more and just happened to run across Vitaliy’s site and WA. After checking out all the WA training and resources, I see it has everything needed to take me to a whole new level and help me achieve my internet business goals.

    The WA community is very supportive and encouraging. It’s great to be a part of this community and I look forward to being able to help others the way that Vitaliy and so many others do.

    Thank you Vitaliy for all you do to help other people achieve their goals in this business!

  33. It has been nearly a week since I have joined Wealthy Affiliate and I can say that it is one of the best things I have done. The training explains everything step-by-step and it is also enjoyable. I really enjoy creating articles and posts. The fact that the community is so nice and everyone is ready to help each other is what makes this program one of the best.

    • Hi Fatima, I’ve been around many programs like WA and I honestly think it is the best, and it’s really great to have you there too!

  34. I joined Wealthy Affiliate about a week ago, with the help of Vitaliy, and the WA platform, I have all I need to get started and build my own website. I have been scammed before and was very weary in the beginning about all these massive success stories, however it is all so true and definitely worth getting signed up.

    Not only can one succeed through this in terms of building a business, one also becomes part of such a supportive and helping community that is the WA family. I look forward to my journey ahead with WA.

  35. Vitaliy, I am glad that I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I don’t regret my decision. I know that in life everyone has to work to earn a living.

    Well for those that want to just sit and see commission come into there accounts, just as promised by one other people promoting different services out there, then WA isn’t for you because you will have to work to earn that affiliate commission.

    But to those willing to learn and earn too, just join us at WA, and you will also be able to tell you success story to others with time.

    • Justine hi! Thanks so much for this comment and the main thesis of it which is that it requires hard work. I just want to say that the other programs which claim that hard work isn’t necessary are lying because I know this business from many angles (taught to me inside WA) and I’ve seen how every program that makes claims of making easy money with affiliate marketing is lying, it’s not true.

      And programs like that typically leave people without money and losing time having to restart, which is why a program like this one gets you started the right way, with the right mindset and the realistic training to succeed and I’m really glad you see that, it’s a pleasure to have you be a part of the WA community!

  36. Though I am just a beginner to affiliate marketing, I am no spring chicken. So I’ve seen a lot.

    To date, I am impressed with Wealthy Affiliate. It is a clear, step by step approach that I think I needed to make sense of a business that can be confusing and daunting, but also exciting! Plus, the support has been stellar. Anytime I’ve needed help, I have gotten it.

    • Hi Henry, most people I speak to who have experienced affiliate marketing but no success typically share the same experiences you mentioned about things being confusing.

      While Wealthy Affiliate clarifies this whole business in a way that’s easy to understand and start, we do also keep it real and let people know it takes work. I certainly point that out in my review of this program.

      I am glad though that you see how valuable this program is, not just through it’s teaching but that support you mentioned. That is such a major pro that no other program in this field even comes close to.

  37. Hello Vitaliy.

    I consider myself fortunate to have found your post on Wealthy Affiliate. I’m a week into the premium membership and it’s been the most uplifting week of 2020 for me.

    I’ve created two websites which I believed to be a difficult thing at first (turned out to be super easy) and I’ve learned so much in so little time. I’ve also developed a healthy work ethic because I understand my success is my responsibility.

    The community here is awesome. Kyle and Carson actually engaged with me on the platform and through email, and they actually replied my me. Not a lot of founders do that.

    And special thanks to you Vitaliy for your support. Wealthy Affiliate is a gem!

    • Hi Dami, it’s my pleasure and I really appreciate you sharing that. I’m glad you mentioned the whole responsibility part because that is a huge part of the success. It’s no coincidence I mentioned in the cons above how Wealthy Affiliate is not for people who are lazy or unprepared to work and the fact that you understand this already makes you the perfect member of WA to get the results they teach you to get from affiliate marketing.

      And as for the owners, I’m fortunate to know them both personally and can totally confirm that they are awesome dudes who really care about their members. Even when I didn’t have anything when I began here, both of them would always respond to me and this really made me feel appreciated and happy to be a member there (still).

  38. Hi, Vitaliy! I am very grateful to have found your blog about Wealthy Affiliate.

    I don’t regret joining and upgrading into a premium member on the same day. Being an inexperienced person without a website and online business, I love the training that is really easy to follow and understand.

    I am enjoying every lesson which is strategically presented plus the supporting community who offers help anytime I have questions. WA is indeed a wonderful online community who motivates and inspires one another to succeed in their online businesses or in affiliate marketing.


    • Hi Ruth, no problem! As you have said, the training in WA is very strategically organized to make it easier for beginners to start and build an awesome business. I’m really glad you decided to try this program out and are very happy with it.


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