Super Affiliate Accelerator Review. Is it a Scam?

I have an interesting take to share with you in this Super Affiliate Accelerator review and to start, let me say that based on what I’ve seen, it is not a scam.

However, any sort of program like this (in the high ticket department that is), even the legitimate ones always come with certain risks, pros and cons and I want to share all of this with you in this review to help you decide if Super Affiliate Accelerator is the right program for you and if it’s not, then what other option might be better.

Disclaimers about this Super Affiliate Accelerator (don’t skip this please):

1) I did not buy Super Affiliate Accelerator.

2) I am literally a super affiliate marketer myself (the proof will be provided shortly).

3) I am basing my review of this program on what I saw on the sales page, other people’s reviews on this program and my own personal knowledge and experience on the subject of high ticket affiliate marketing (there’s quite a bunch of it).

Now some of this might make you want to click out of this page and read another review, but let me tell you this:

  1. I don’t promote Super Affiliate Accelerator.
  2. You’ll never see me promoting high ticket programs like this (even if they’re good).
  3. I promote Wealthy Affiliate and this is because you can learn high ticket affiliate marketing there, and never spend anything close to what these other programs charge you (and I prefer people who want to do affiliate marketing, do it through there and save their money, lots of it).

That’s all on the disclaimer part. Now if you’re still here (hi), let’s get onto this review of Super Affiliate Accelerator:

The short summary and review of Super Affiliate Accelerator:

Who created Super Affiliate Accelerator?super affiliate accelerator review

Jacob Caris.

How much does Super Affiliate Accelerator cost?

You have a few choices:

  1. Super Affiliate Accelerator: $2,500 or $1,000 over 3 payments.
  2. Basic plan: $1,000.
  3. Deluxe Plan: $4,500.

What does Super Affiliate Accelerator teach?

There’s a 6 week (42 days) course on learning high ticket affiliate marketing and for whatever promotion you choose to be an affiliate for, how to make consistent sales for it and possibly even become a super affiliate for the said promotion.

There’s training on niches, lead generation, closing the leads and much more (there’s good stuff honestly). And I’ll get into more of this shortly. In the meantime:

My rating for Super Affiliate Accelerator: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Do I recommend it? It’s mixed.

For the good, I do believe in this program and most of it’s methods and through hard work and application, you can make high ticket sales with it in my opinion. I will link to the page on this review, but again: I am not affiliated with Jacob or his program.

On the cons side, there’s a mixed bag of risky refund policies, the self promotional element of this program, the high ticket investment overall, and the risks of the business itself which need to be objectively looked at.

Alternatives? Yes:

super affiliate accelerator alternative

My promised high ticket and super affiliate resume:

I don’t want to make this post so long that you end up falling asleep, so I’ll include links to my posts which prove I’m a super affiliate and know my you know what when it comes to high ticket affiliate marketing:

  1. My affiliate marketing income reports.
  2. My post on high ticket affiliate marketing (I show some of my high ticket sales).
  3. My about me page showcasing super affiliate conferences I’ve gone to.
  4. I have also had Clickbank super affiliate status.

Believe me when I say, there’s only so many ways you can make high ticket affiliate sales and while there’s tons of make money online programs which preach how unique they are in that department, trust me, it’s not that unique in terms of how it should be done.

You’re welcome to check those pages out and see the proof. But aside from that, let’s get back into the program at hand:

Super Affiliate Accelerator review (more in-depth stuff):

Like I said before, the program has a 6 week course show casing how to become successful at high ticket affiliate marketing. I had to dig up the details of that course from other reviews, and based on what I saw, it’s actually pretty good.

There are also additional bonuses such as a private community, help, group coaching, and (among other stuff) re promoting the Super Affiliate Accelerator program with 50% commissions for each sale.

Overall, the core training stuff (in my opinion that you need for this) is there such as finding niches and high ticket offers, generating the right leads, convincing them to buy the product (high ticket one) and making the consistent high ticket sales month after month.

There is also a mention on the sales page of a MOCA strategy, but I honestly found it broad and too vague to take seriously. Here is the abbreviation of it in case you were wondering what it means:

super affiliate accelerator moca screenshot

Some extra proof Super Affiliate Accelerator works:

On the sales page of this program, if you analyze the testimonials, and the money the people are making, it’s from more than 1 affiliate network. Some of them, based on my analysis include:

However, if you also look at the Super Affiliate Accelerator affiliate agreement, here is what stood out to me:

super affiliate accelerator affiliate agreement screenshot

With every high ticket program I review, this self promotional element is always there and normally, it would make me not want to recommend the program (if it only teaches you how to promote itself), but in the case of Super Affiliate Accelerator, the testimonials of people making income from more than just the Super Affiliate Accelerator program is a good sign that the training is transferable to other high ticket promotions.

Now whether or not those high ticket promotions are good programs is another question and personally, some of them I am not a big fan of, but whatever, I don’t want to detract. Let’s continue:

Super Affiliate Accelerator basic vs normal vs deluxe:

So there’s 3 plans available. And the one they recommend is the regular one (Accelerator for $2,500 on the checkout page). And for the other options, here is a short explanation on each (the differences):

super affiliate accelerator dexlue vs basic

I honestly have no opinion about these plans here. I didn’t see the differences and focus on each plan so I can’t make a decision for you here. All I can do is screenshot the plan, say what I saw and then whatever you choose is up to you.

Conclusions: The 5 main concerns I have about Super Affiliate Accelerator:

There is positive things to say including that I do think the program is legitimate and you will learn the art of high ticket affiliate marketing, but again, this is supposed to be an objective review, so here are some counter points to consider:

1) Typically programs that teach you this stuff also cost a lot (this one included). With any program that charges a lot of money, there is always financial risk.

2) Never think this is easy. A lot of people get into trouble with affiliate marketing and high ticket marketing especially thinking this. Making high ticket sales is NOT an easy process and if you don’t believe me, read my post on high ticket vs low ticket affiliate marketing.

Personally, I would never recommend you put money into any program you cannot afford, but think you’ll make the money back.

3) Third, there is a confusing refund policy (is it even refundable?):

super affiliate accelerator refund policy screenshot

4) I think high ticket affiliate marketing has developed a bad reputation as many people have instead of promoting truly high ticket products have turned to promoting high ticket affiliate courses that are self promotional.

5) The problem with point 4 is that I don’t believe any high ticket affiliate marketing course (even good ones) are ever worth paying that much for when you have alternatives to learn the same things from like Wealthy Affiliate.

This is why I’ve avoided buying any of these programs and every time I’ve had an inside look into them from other sources, I’ve always seen that their content is nothing that I haven’t already seen in Wealthy Affiliate.

The bottom line is this:

Why pay so much? If I want to make high ticket commissions, I’ll promote high ticket PRODUCTS, not courses. And I won’t have to buy those expensive products either.

I’d rather people promote high ticket products they genuinely like vs courses that cost a lot and perpetuate that whole “re promote the same program” cycle. I’m just not a fan of that stuff which is why I’m always pitching Wealthy Affiliate to people who are obsessed with getting into high ticket affiliate marketing.

Trust me, leave your emotions out of this, and objectively think about what you can afford before you get into anything (high, low ticket, anything basically).

You can make good money with Super Affiliate Accelerator (and hard work), but speaking as a literal super affiliate, let me say you don’t need to pay so much for learning this same stuff in Wealthy Affiliate, and another argument I’d make is that you are more flexible on which niches and promotions you can build a business out of it vs narrowly going the high ticket route only (it’s got a lot of risks overall).

Super Affiliate Accelerator


Super Affiliate Accelerator Score



  • It is legitimate for learning high ticket affiliate marketing.
  • Training can be used to promote multiple high ticket promotions.


  • Confusing refund policy.
  • I think high ticket affiliate courses are overpriced and you can learn this material in other, cheaper spots.
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