Click And Bank Review – Gold or Total Garbage Software?

There is a lot I have to unpack in this Click And Bank review and unfortunately most of it isn’t good based on what I have researched on this program.

Now before I get into the details of this Click and Bank review, let me share a few honest disclaimers:

1) First I did not buy it. One of the reasons why is because the front end sales video showed me everything I needed to know to run the other rank.

2) Second, I know affiliate marketing, how it works and do it full time and in my opinion, this program’s approach to it is not something I would ever recommend.

Note: Currently this program is identified as Click And Bank 3 (third update I assume).

A quick report and summary of Click And Bank 3:

click and bank review

How much does it cost? one time for $17 or a $27/month program.

Are there upsells? I’ve seen one source claim there are upsells that can hit several $100 in total.

Who created it? Dan Green and ironically enough, it’s a Warrior Plus product even though it helps you promote Clickbank products (2 entirely different networks).

What exactly is Click And Bank 3? A done for you software which creates a fully functional affiliate site that promotes Clickbank products and regularly updates it with content it takes from YouTube videos and spins so it’s mostly hands off for the user.

As to whether or not that can make money, in my opinion, the likelihood is low (and I’ll explain why further below).

My Rating for Click And Bank 3: 1 out of 5 stars

Why did I rate it like that?

While it claims to simplify a lot of things on the outside (and some of that is true), in my opinion, it’s end result (making money online) is can be much more difficult than it seems. All of this will be explained in a moment but the good news is that regardless of my opinion on this program and it’s worth, I will be recommending something better anyway.

Alternatives? For affiliate marketing success, yes:

click and bank alternative

Everything you need to know about Click and Bank 3:


Let’s start with the “theory”, at least how it’s pitched on the front page:

click and bank sample 1

The whole idea behind this program is that it’s meant to simplify making Clickbank affiliate sites. Clickbank is a giant affiliate network (if you didn’t already know) with access to tons of products and programs to promote (I’ve personally been a top seller for them).

One of the ways to succeed in affiliate marketing (including with promoting Clickbank products) is to make a site promoting these products and basically writing reviews on a specific niche of them, basically blogging.

However, that process is often long, complicated and takes a lot of work (all true by the way).

Where the Click and Bank 3 program “solves” the problem:

The entire premise this program is that it takes away “all” the hard work by making a Clickbank affiliate site for you. How?

Well you go into the software, enter in a niche, and it makes a site for you based on that niche. You don’t have to blog or review Clickbank products because that’s all set up for you. You just basically “click” and the program helps you “bank” in the end. Your affiliate links are also input there.

Furthermore, from what I understood (you’re welcome to tell me if I’m wrong), it does a video to text sort of work where it takes content from YouTube videos, makes it into text, spins that text to make it unique (rewording basically) and puts that up “fresh” content on your site.

Because “new” content is added to your page, it helps the site grow organically in Google, rank and get visitors to it who read those reviews and hopefully buy the products you promote there.

Sounds like an amazing done for you affiliate system right? Not so fast. When you understand affiliate marketing, SEO and blogging well (which I do), this type of formula in my opinion is riddled with potential side effects, issues and a low chance of success, which I’ll explain momentarily, but first, the pros and cons:


  1. This program really does create a done for you affiliate site.
  2. The sales page is pretty transparent about the program and shows you how it works.
  3. Claim of a 30 day money back guarantee.


  1. Spun content is often poor quality (I’ll show you why shortly).
  2. I’ve never seen spun content like this rank well in Google (or read well in general).
  3. Be very careful with “easy” and simple “done for you” offers like this.
  4. I have little confidence in a program like this bringing in sales.
  5. In my opinion, Google does not like auto generated content of this nature (it prefers real people writing unique and good content).
  6. 30 days money back guarantees don’t really mean much when it typically takes months for websites to rank for SEO and start getting traffic.

The central issue I see with Click And Bank 3:

Making an automated, done for you affiliate site may seem nice and work load off your shoulders, but if you understand SEO, ranking, and how blogging really works, then this type of program is the kind I would avoid at all costs. Why?

Well first off, this program takes content from other YouTube videos (again by it’s own words), and then spins it. There’s several problems with this right off the bat:

1) First, that concept is not one I’m a fan of. If you do that with your own videos, that’s fine, but other people’s videos, in my opinion there’s ethical issues with that.

2) Second, while it does take that content, it SPINS it, meaning rewrites it to make it unique. The problem with that however is that if you look at the sample work this program delivers, in my opinion that content is not really good.

Remember one of the screenshots I added above where I explained how Click And Bank 3 works? Well if you fully size that same picture, and read the content, let’s just say it doesn’t exactly read well (at least in my eyes). Have a look yourself (I’ve certain parts in red):

click and bank 3 example

I’m no English professor, but at first glance, I spotted a lot of periods, commas, and other issues with this text. To be fair, some of it is OK but remember, it is being taken from other people’s content and spun, I assume without their knowledge or permission.

3) While ranking a website on Google takes unique and high quality content, I highly doubt this program would deliver in that regard and when content is low quality (which I believe is the case here), it will have very little chances of ranking well and if that happens, you can’t expect to get good rankings, traffic to find you, let alone buy from you.

Conclusions on Click And Bank 3:

I’ve run into programs like this very early on when I started doing affiliate marketing, and even back people who were much more successful than I was at the time warned me not to use programs like these. In fact, here’s another good Click And Bank 3 review you may want to check out.

Either way, while this particular program looks a bit better in the types of content it creates, like I said before, I do not believe you can get good rankings with this type of content, alongside the other issues. Be very careful with these sorts of done for you programs. Can it work? Maybe, but the likelihood is super low in my opinion.

What should you do instead? Well you may not like to hear this, but building a REAL affiliate business with your own efforts is probably the way I’d go. If you’re serious about building an affiliate business and making good money online, you have to face facts that it takes hard work and time, and it’s very risky in my experience to look for easy and fast solutions to do that.

The good news though is that building a legitimate affiliate business doesn’t have to be boring. You can actually build a full time business in this field on a passion and have fun doing it (it can be a lot of fun). As long as you have a blueprint that actually shows how to do this, you can do it.

For that, I recommend the Wealthy Affiliate program. That’s the one I’ve followed to get my results in affiliate marketing:

click and bank other alternative 07I have also been a top affiliate with the Clickbank network using it’s training so I can tell you that it works.

4 thoughts on “Click And Bank Review – Gold or Total Garbage Software?”

  1. I have personally seen one of my fellows have fallen for one program said to be done for you system but eventually, as you said it did not work the reason I understand if someone is buying DONE FOR YOU it’s showing they are very eager for quick results and do not want to put themselves in the process which ultimately means they are just behind money and do not want to help others. So in my opinion, if someone really wants to build a business he/she would likely not put away his money on these done-for-you systems.

    • Well generally speaking, a done for you system that actually works is first VERY rare, and second it is normally VERY expensive and of course, with no guarantees. Done for you systems of the sort here in my opinion have a lot of holes that I personally would never use in my personal online business.

  2. Vitaliy again with another great post!

    At first I thought you were talking about Clickbank, but it’s Click and Bank! As I read more, it’s kinda similar and would also give them a low rating. I’m with you on the poor quality of these programs and how many of them keep preaching “DONE 4 YOU!” The bad thing is people won’t really understand HOW to do it if everything is done for you. I’d rather have people learn step by step so they don’t have to rely on a system! Thanks for sharing!

    • Its very rare to get reliable done for you services and most of them out there in my opinion have a lot of holes. The few good ones are not going to be cheap either but at the end of the day, even with a reliable done for you system, you still need to know how to run it.


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