Partner With Anthony Review – Everything You Need to Know

This may be one of the worst ways to start this Partner With Anthony review, but I’m going to do it anyway and let you decide if you wish to stick around or not. So here goes:

partner with anthony review

1) I haven’t purchased Partner With Anthony, and there’s a big reason why:

2) It’s because I have a lot of experience with Anthony Morrison’s programs in the past (some I’ve bought, others I have not), and there is a very common trend that I find repeats itself:

3) That trend is (in my opinion): A lot of hype (he shows off all the money he’s made), not enough value in the program and many upsells. Altogether, I have NEVER found myself recommending Anthony Morrison’s stuff because of this trend.

4) Based on the multitude of research, highly credible sources (which I will cite) and my own experiences in doing what Anthony teaches, I came to the conclusion that Partner With Anthony is legit, but the rating I’ve given the program (based on what I have seen) is not high enough to recommend.

Overall my rating for Partner with Anthony is: 2 out of 5 stars

Now if this makes you want to click away from this review or not even call it that, I totally understand. But I am very confident in what in what I want to say about PWA and it’s based on actual, legit research, and I do think there are better options to PWA which I will also recommend to you.

So if you’re sticking around, let’s not waste time and let’s get to it:

Here’s everything you need to know about Partner With Anthony:

Partner With Anthony (Or PWA) is basically an email + affiliate marketing training program. You learn how to become a promoter of the PWA program (hence the partner name) by doing the following:

1) You can start by signing up for $7 a month (or $97 one time fee):

This will get you access to what I would call the “preliminary training” of PWA.  This is 30 classes in which Anthony Morrison teaches you the benefits of affiliate marketing, email marketing and also the lucrative benefits of being one of his promoters.

You will learn about the value of collecting emails, how to run people through funnels and make sales as an affiliate for PWA that allow you to earn passive income online.

However, it is important to understand that this particular membership is just the tip of the iceberg, not just in benefits, but also in upsells which you will have to buy to get the said benefits.

And this is where unfortunately my opinion of Partner With Anthony steadily declines, but you need to know this ahead of time because in my experience, Anthony’s ads don’t really talk this stuff and I don’t want people to be “surprised” by this:

2) To really begin the PWA program (start promoting it and getting the major benefits), you will have to spend (a lot possibly):

At least one credible internet marketing blog has verified what I was worried about when I first heard of PWA (it’s something I also went through in a previous Anthony Morrison program) and that is that the low price tag to enter is really a major gateway to buy a ton of extra stuff (if you really want to get the best benefits), and it basically comes down to the following things:

Buying Clickfunnels, something which Anthony Morrison is a notoriously successful promoter off (hence why you see all those plaques on the walls in his ads).

How much is that? Well it’s either $97 a month or $297 a month.

Then we have numerous upsells (8) which vary from Anthony’s own programs, to necessities such as domain names (for building a website), autoresponders (Aweber, Get Response) and more.

Well how much is that? It varies from $7, to some free trial offers, then monthly costs, and the most expensive one (Mobile Opt in) being nearly $2,000.

In my opinion, some of these upsells are necessities if you wish to implement the training in PWA, which will basically involve setting up your own sales funnel of PWA (as an affiliate) and sending users through it so you can earn commissions, but of course, Anthony Morrison makes the most out of this deal, hence his millions (which I do believe he’s made).

To fully utilize the PWA membership, the upsells and system may involve having to pay $1,000s every year.

partner with anthony alternative

Can you make money with Partner With Anthony?

I would say the answer is yes to this question. But that doesn’t automatically make an opportunity 5 stars in my opinion. With PWA, there are several major issues I have and if you can look past them, maybe joining this program is worthwhile to you.

Conclusions: 5 problems I find with PWA!

This is my opinion, but it’s based on real knowledge on the subject of affiliate marketing, so read this carefully folks:

Problem 1:

The first problem I see with Partner With Anthony is that there is just so much to buy (and then pay for in monthly costs) that it can become an expensive opportunity.

Problem 2:

The other problem I find is the lack of info about these upsells from Anthony himself. He runs nice ads showing off his earnings and all, and then the pitch about $7 comes around. Now I personally know there’s WAY more to this than just $7, but if you’re a beginner, you may think differently and like I said before, I don’t want you to be caught off guard.

I’m used to seeing “surprise upsells” from Anthony and that the low cost program I bought in the past is not enough to really make the good money, unless of course I get more of what he offers, and this lack of info doesn’t really give me much confidence in Anthony overall, nor has it throughout the history of programs of his that I have reviewed in the past. This is why I was so reluctant to buy PWA when I first laid eyes on it.

Problem 3:

Earnings are certainly possible, but to me at least, I don’t find the idea of promoting a program that leads people down upsells and hyped sales pitches (in my opinion) to be a good way to go.

I’m an affiliate who likes massive transparency and this is why I am only basically promoting one program: Wealthy Affiliate (more on this later and why I think it’s better).

This is also why I never promote any high ticket affiliate programs or offers that surprise buyers with upsells. I just don’t find that to be ethical forms of affiliate marketing. With PWA, if it was more transparent, this problem wouldn’t even be that, but again, the whole $7 to get started is really just the start of MANY costs and I would argue, higher risks.

Problem 4:

The next major issue I find with PWA is the subject matter itself: Email marketing and affiliate marketing and how simply it’s explained when at least in my opinion, it’s not that easy.

You see I do affiliate marketing and I have also done (and still do) email marketing. Yes it is lucrative, but it is not an easy set up or something that most beginners can just start up and make money with quickly or easily. It takes time.

Furthermore, affiliate marketing via email marketing is in my opinion too advanced for beginners and it’s why I don’t suggest newbies start there. There are higher costs, more deeper understandings of audiences involve (to convince them through email to buy stuff) and overall, it just a multilayered business that is not simple to succeed with unless you have money and experience.

Problem 5:

I’m not a fan of any program that is almost entirely self promotional. Now it is true that people can use the PWA training to promote other stuff, but the program itself is designed to help you promote PWA, so if you are a beginner with no knowledge of what else is possible, in my opinion, you are more likely to just promote what’s in front of you (PWA itself).

This is why I personally decided to avoid buying into Partner With Anthony (what I stick to instead):

Unfortunately, based on everything I have seen from PWA and know on my former experiences with Anthony Morrison, this program has not really increased my confidence in him. I really hope that changes in the future, but for now, that’s not happening. Instead:

Beginners to this business in my experience have a FAR better chance of success if they do affiliate marketing through a specific strategy which is promoting products in niches they love, not just promoting something that offers them lucrative commissions (2 entirely different things).

When you focus on the former, you are more authentic. When you focus on promoting stuff in the latter, that just ruins authenticity in my opinion and authenticity plays a big role in affiliate success, which is why you are better set up for it if you build a business in your ideal niche topic. Now if you’re truly about passionate about promoting PWA, that’s a different story, but keep in mind all the upsells before you start.

This is where I’m going to circle back to the Wealthy Affiliate. You can read an entire review of Wealthy Affiliate here, but overall, this is that program in terms of teaching you to create an affiliate business in YOUR niche.

wealthy affiliate or partner with anthony

It’s also much more beginner friendly because it teaches blogging first and then email marketing and other topics later, so you are more prepared for it (but blogging is itself a GREAT way to make money online as an affiliate). So if you are looking for alternatives, you have it: Wealthy Affiliate.

Last couple of questions about Partner with Anthony:

Is partner with Anthony program legit?

Yes but I do not recommend Partner With Anthony because it is expensive and there’s too many upsells.

How much does partner with Anthony cost?

You can join Partner with Anthony for $7 a month or $97 one time, but there are much more upsells and things you may have to also buy later.

What is Anthony Morrison net worth?

According to Anthony Morrison’s ads, he has earned over $50 million online.

How does Anthony Morrison make money?

Anthony Morrison makes money through affiliate marketing and also through his personal programs including Partner With Anthony.

Now with all of these details and review, I hope that I truly did answer all your questions about Partner With Anthony and if I did not, feel free to ask them below.

6 thoughts on “Partner With Anthony Review – Everything You Need to Know”

  1. Great review on PWA, thanks. Although I am not familiar with this particular program, I have looked at a number of similar programs. Its the upsells that really discourage me. You think you can have this great success for a mere 7.00 per month, or something similar, and then, BAM. You get hit with the reality. Not going to happen.

  2. Oh my! I totally agree with you on PWA Anthony Morrison’s online making money programs. I have bought into 2 of his programs and totally failed because I ran out of money and just could not buy into all the upsells. I really wish that I knew all the ins and outs of how much I would have had to pay before I signed up. 

  3. Rightly pointed out. PWA’s marketing strategy seems to be entirely based on how much money Anthony himself is making which is all self promotion. These self promotions rarely have the intention of helping others and are not designed around it.

    Thanks for this review which lists down the points why exactly Wealthy Affiliate is so lucrative. It keeps the beginners perspective in mind and strives hard that these newbies are successful. 

    Best Regards,


    • There is nothing wrong with self promotion Rohit, but there has to be massive value and a lot more transparency in my opinion. You get started with PWA for $7 but it can quickly escalate into big numbers. I think people need to know this before they get started with it. 


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