Beast Funnels Review: Is it a Scam?

It’s very rare for me to hear about a truly new way of making money online, but surprisingly Beast Funnels did just that and in this review, I’ll be sharing what that method is and what I think about it, and of course, if it’s a scam.

To start this Beast Funnels review, I have a few honest disclaimers to share:

1) I didn’t buy it. And the reason why is:

2) Because it’s made by Brenden Mace and based on a previous program of his that I did purchase, in my opinion, I don’t have a lot of confidence in him (it was very disappointing).

3) To be sure that this review of Beast Funnels remain legit and objective, I looked at other people who did purchase Beast Funnels, and they showed me exactly what this program is about, which I will explain to you in this post, but I’ll also link/credit the other reviews as well.

4) Even though I learned something new, my opinion of Beast Funnels is not very high after everything I saw and it bears a lot of resemblance to the low quality experience I had with the other program of Brenden’s that I did buy.

5) Because I do make money online, they do tie together with this review and I will be sharing other alternatives that in my opinion are far better than Beast Funnels.

A summary and review of Beast Funnels:

Who created Beast Funnels?beast funnels review

Brenden Mace.

How much does Beast Funnels cost?

$6.93 with at least 5 upsells that cost $100s in total.

How does Beast Funnels teach you to make money online?

I’ll do my best to explain it (as I understood it, and you’re welcome to correct me if I’m wrong, I’ll happily update it):

1) So the simple explanation is that it’s a system that helps basically “outsource” your affiliate link and opt in pages.

2) You’ll create an affiliate link and the Beast Funnels system will help you create a squeeze page and thank you page to promote that link.

3) Whoever you send to that squeeze page that signs up, can then re-promote the same exact link (yours) to unlock it and then insert THEIR affiliate link, and repeat the same process.

4) You can enter in how many referrals the person who signed up under you has to refer in order to “unlock” the affiliate link and make it their own.

At first, it’s a hard concept to grasp, and honestly, it’s new to me, but if you’re going to give people the 30,000 foot overview of this strategy, it’s basically an enticement to get people to promote your affiliate link so they can then have others do the same for them.

The theory is that the more people who re-promote your affiliate link, the more exposure that link gets, and thus the more people will see your affiliate link, click on it and make you money.

My rating for Beast Funnels: 1 out of 5 stars

Do I recommend Beast Funnels? Based on what I saw, no.

Besides having bad experiences with Brenden’s other program which I did buy, I quickly noticed many similarities with this program once I started reading the reviews.

Then once I understood how it works based on those reviews, I quickly saw the holes in the process. Now I do believe it can work, but there’s many serious holes I see with the strategy, the biggest of which is that the people who are going to re-promote your link probably have little/no clue on how to actually do it, so the effort seems lost in my opinion.

Overall, this type of strategy is not something I’m confident about and building an online business in my opinion takes much more effort than this.

Alternatives? Yes:

beast funnels alternative

Why I had such little confidence in buying Beast Funnels (and why I may have been justified in that):

So like I said before, I purchased another program by Brenden awhile back. It’s called 1 page profits and when I examine what I saw there with what I saw with Beast Funnels, many similarities come to fruition:

  • There’s a lot of hype about the ease of the program/s in question at making you money.
  • There’s a small price to enter, but large upsells that lead to a lot spent.
  • The program on the back end in my opinion is very low quality (my opinion).
  • It’s tough in my opinion to make it work.

Basically, what I saw with 1 page profits, I saw with Beast Funnels when I began reading what I consider to be legitimate reviews of people who did buy the program and frankly, I was relieved I didn’t after I read them.

Giving credit where it’s due: 3 awesome reviews of Beast Funnels

1) Source 1. The person did buy the program and basically breaks down everything from the members area that they saw and why they also don’t have much confidence in the program.

2) Source 2. The second one is another review similar to the first (they also bought it) and break down the holes in the program working. I noticed this myself when I understood how the Beast Funnels programs work, but the main point in that review is that it’s tough to rely on other referrals to market your affiliate link when most people have no clue what they’re doing for online marketing.

3) Source 3. Another person who bought the Beast Funnels program and gives you an inside look on how it works. This one is more neutral and doesn’t give their opinion on whether they like it or not. They are just showing how it works.


Based on everything I’ve seen about this program from the other reviews, plus my own experiences with 1 Page Profits, and finally mixed together with how I know this business to work (from many years of experience), I cannot confidently recommend Beast Funnels.

I don’t think it’s a scam and there’s always a chance it can work, but I’ve personally never seen this type of approach in the online marketing world and when I consider even the best case scenarios of it working, I still think there are better ways to promote your affiliate links and capture emails.

Another massive thing to consider is how difficult in my opinion this program is to pull off for beginners. Making the system operate is one thing (that’s probably easy to set up), but making it work involves you knowing where to go to market your link and hoping that the other referrals do the same. That’s a tough combination of things to pull off in my opinion.

And if my review of this program isn’t satisfactory (or is incorrect), you’re welcome to share where I’m wrong and/or read the other sources I listed to decide for yourself.

I personally believe in doing affiliate marketing differently, and in a more classic way that is tried and tested:

  1. Make a niche site.
  2. Write great content and rank to get free traffic.
  3. Make money promoting affiliate programs to your niche’s needs.

This takes time and work and it’s not a get rich quick scheme, but seeing this formula work time and time again, not just for myself but for countless others, I have far more confidence in that than get rich quick, hyped programs that try to make you think the opposite.

And if this is something you’d like to learn, check out Wealthy Affiliate, because (unfortunately), it’s one of the few good programs that will help you learn (and do) this right.

Beast Funnels


Beast Funnels Score



  • Low cost to join.


  • The strategy is difficult in my opinion to succeed with.
  • Many upsells.
  • A lot of hype as well.
  • Poor experiences with a previous program I purchased from the creator.
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