1 Page Profits Review. Is it Really a Scam?

I purchased the most basic membership to 1 Page Profits and in this review am going to sharing what’s inside, if it’s a scam and why (spoiler), this program is not going to be recommend.

The short story is that the hype and claims I saw on the sales page weren’t exactly what I saw on the back end of the program (and that’s me being nice). And overall, there are 5 major problems I have with what I saw there. But let’s jump into the review to explain more:

The short review of 1 Page Profits:

1 page profits review

Who created 1 Page Profits?

Brenden Mace.

How much does 1 Page Profits cost?

For me, it was $13.11 with a ton of upsell pages afterwards (at least 10).

Let me tell you folks, it’s been a very long time since I’ve been so annoyed by upsell pages and it’s one of the reasons I am not recommending this program.

One after another I was being sold more “amazing offers” to upgrade my membership to this program and the further it went, the less I wanted to do it (and I only stuck to the basic membership as such).

What does 1 Page Profits about?

  1. You get Clickbank offers to promote.
  2. You insert your Clickbank affiliate ID into one or more of these offers.
  3. You get a website (not owned by you) that hosts a presell page for the Clickbank offer.
  4. You are supposedly sent tons of backlinks to this page to get free traffic.
  5. The more people who visit this site, technically the more people who will buy the offer and make you commissions.

It sounds extremely easy, but there are issues with this approach that I personally have which will be explained in a moment.

My rating for 1 Page Profits: 1 out of 5 stars

Do I recommend 1 Page Profits? No.

I had a strong feeling buying this program that the claims on the sales page were unlikely to be the case once I got the program. Based on what I saw, this program in my opinion is difficult to achieve massive success with (it’s possible, but difficult).

There might be a chance of more success if you upgrade and buy more upsells from the 1 Page Profits program, but I have very little trust in that because the basic membership was far from what I consider high quality enough for me to do that, and so I didn’t.

And by the way, since this deals with promoting Clickbank products, do not that you’re reading this review of 1 Page Profits from someone who actually knows about this subject well (I’ve made a lot of money as a Clickbank affiliate) which is why I can cross reference these strategies to what I have used personally.

Alternatives? Yes.

1 page profits alternative

1 Page Profits (the deeper review):

The short story behind how this program works is that you create affiliate pages automatically and promote them to as many people as possible. But in terms of details, this is where we get into that:

1) When you first buy into this program, you are given access to the members area and here’s how it looks:

1 page profits members area

I’ve outlined the red area for reference in the screenshot above, but here’s what’s going on:

You have to first create a campaign in this program to get things going and remember, you are promoting Clickbank products and thus I decided to select one which was pretty familiar to me (Clickbank University which is actually pretty good).

2) Once you set up this promotion and insert your Clickbank affiliate link, here is the page you get:

1 page profits example

This is basically your “1 Page Profits” page that is going to be getting traffic from the program and considering the traffic is legitimate, the more of it that this page gets, the more money it can make.

In this particular case, I set up a page promoting Clickbank University and the 1 Page Profits system is going to be sending backlinks to this page so it can get visitors from Google.

I also want you to take note of the URL in this screenshot (if you can see it).

This was one of the clues I got about the likelihood of this program not working out too well, because anyone who chooses to promote this same offer will get the same exact same page too and as you’ll learn shortly, this can be a problem for getting organic traffic (and making money from it).

3) The next thing to note is the “Instant Traffic” portion of this program:

So while the backlinks are coming in automatically to this program and supposed to get you traffic and sales, you are welcome to further promote this same page I showed you above on other networks and here they are:

promoting 1 page profits

You’ll have to make an account for one or more of these places to share your page there. I don’t even know half of these sites, but in my opinion this can be considered spam. Let’s take places like Gmail and Facebook on that list (you may already have accounts there).

What you’ll be doing is sharing this with friends and email contacts, with the hopes they buy from your link. But in my experience (considering this is the way it works), this may just come off as spam and I would strongly advise against this.

4) Further upsells/upgrades and offers by 1 Page Profits:

Aside from the 3 things I showed you above, the other stuff in the members area is locked, unless you purchased the upsells from earlier (or within the members area). The main upsells I saw were:

  1. An unlocked version of promoting high ticket affiliate offers where you would have the Clickbank offers and supposedly done for you campaigns set up to promote them.
  2. The second thing you can buy is unlimited traffic. I personally do not trust this as the regular traffic generation methods and claims on the members area have several holes I’ll be explaining.

Here is my opinion of the 5 major problems I see with 1 Page Profits:

1) Super hyped sales page:

So to start, let me say that the sales page, among other things for this program in my opinion is hyped like crazy.

My personal interpretation of what I read (if I didn’t know any better that is) is that this program can make me money very quickly and I have to do very little to accomplish that thanks to it. There is a ton more to this that makes this extremely unlikely.

2) The upsell nightmare:

I have a very important policy with upsells which is: Don’t buy them unless whatever you purchased originally justifies it. In this case, if the $13.11 membership of 1 Page Profits gave me enough value to use and gained my trust, I might have purchased one or more of the upsells.

In this case, I felt like I was spammed like crazy to buy, buy, buy one upsell after another. And after seeing the members area and what I got there, I am happy I didn’t get a single one of these.

3) The direct linking affiliate approach:

While it’s super easy to make affiliate pages with this program, the main problems are that you’re just creating an auto generated page and directly linking to it. That process itself is in my experience one of the worst ways to do affiliate marketing and it very rarely works (considering you actually funnel the right traffic to it).

4) The free traffic methods to promoting your offers has holes (many):

Let’s start with the backlinking claims. Backlinks are used to help pages grow in search engines (if done right that is).

But for starters, I don’t know what these backlinks are, if they work and furthermore, let’s not forget the page you get is auto generated, not just for you, but likely for anyone else who creates it (except it just inserts their affiliate link). The problem with this is that if you understand SEO, you know pages like this just don’t get good rankings (again, assuming all this backlink stuff is legitimate to begin with).

5) And the other methods shown for “instant traffic” are in my opinion full of faults too.

The last thing I would ever want to do as an affiliate marketer is share my link with people or on networks I have never used. That to me is spamming, and sharing the links on other networks requires understanding them and hopefully not getting banned for spamming the links in the first place!

Conclusions about 1 Page Profits (A big nope!):

There are some parts of this program which may hold value (the upsells), but I saw nothing to justify that in the basic membership. I won’t say that 1 Page Profits is a scam, but let me tell you, the experience was very poor for me.

On top of all this, I was getting a lot of emails from the creator of this program and more, which really added to the annoyance I experienced. I’m almost considering requesting a refund for this program because of that.

You can argue that I didn’t use it properly, but let me tell you: I am experienced in affiliate marketing and these tactics have tons of holes which I went through the liberty of explaining above in the 5 problems area.

I have seen programs like this numerous times and generally speaking, the more hyped a sales page is, the more unlikely that hype is to be met when you get the program.

The only thing I got wrong on this program was assuming when they said 1 Page Profits, I figured it would involve making 1 page sites and funneling pay per click traffic to it (which I’ve done with a lot of success).

This program didn’t turn out to do this at all, but do other stuff I have 0 belief in from my knowledge on the subject.

My personal opinion is that there’s far better programs out there and out of the ones I’ve tried/recommended, that Wealthy Affiliate is my top choice. See why here and you’ll understand.

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