Affiliate Triad Review – The Risks And Benefits Explained

Done for you affiliate marketing systems are usually not opportunities I recommend people get involved with and in Affiliate Triad’s case, that’s exactly what kind of program it is. However, after looking it over, I do believe there are benefits worth noting as well as risks, all of which I want to cover in detail within this review.

Affiliate Triad product info:

affiliate triad review

  • Name: Affiliate Triad (formerly known as Rapid Crush).
  • Creator: Wilson Mattos and Jason Fladlien.
  • Price: $399 a month for the program plus upsells.
  • What is it? It’s a done for you affiliate marketing service.
  • Rating: 2.9 out of 5 stars
  • Success stories? Yes.

Do I recommend it? I’m 50/50:

Overall, I think Affiliate Triad is legitimate (no scam) and in terms of benefits, it can help you get a good jump start in promoting high ticket products and get a cut of the pie.

However, no done for you system is ever guaranteed, and in my opinion, the more new you are to affiliate marketing, the harder it may be for you to get good sales out of it (it’s certainly possible, but having existing success and experience helps greatly).

At the end of the day, I believe it’s much better to be an independent affiliate marketer vs someone who relies on other people/systems to do that for you and that’s just what my own experiences have taught me works best for success.

You can certainly do as you like, but keep in mind that it is an expensive program, so if you can afford it and know the risks, go for it. But if you can’t afford it and think you’ll just make your money back, this is not a good mindset to enter into this program with.

Alternatives? Yes:

affiliate triad alternative


  • Much if not all of the stuff is really done for you.
  • You are promoting high ticket products through this program for high commissions.
  • The people in this program are pretty up front and transparent about their role and what you should expect.
  • You can also promote Affiliate Triad and earn 40% commissions.


  • It is pretty expensive with some additional upsells added.
  • In terms of high ticket promotions, I personally am very picky about that and endorse affiliate marketers promote low ticket items vs high ticket ones.
  • Again, I believe in being an independent marketer vs relying on any system/person to do this for you.

How Affiliate Triad works:

1) The long and short of it is that it’s basically a fully done for you affiliate system.

2) There are specific high ticket affiliate opportunities within this program that are released every few months. So far there’s been about 10 since the inception of Affiliate Triad.

3) Then the main people behind Affiliate Triad, basically it’s best experts design online sales funnels and promotions of all sorts (review pages, webinars, opt in lists, email followups, ect…) to promote these high ticket products.

4) Where YOU come in is that you can piggyback off these online sales funnels by utilizing the traffic generating methods and other opportunities within Affiliate Triad (or if you have your own methods if you’re experienced) to send traffic to these existing online sales funnels and if a sale is made, you make your commission off that.

5) I may be wrong about this (correct me below if that’s the case), but reading this review of Affiliate Triad, apparently, there is also a 50/50 cut between you and the owners of Affiliate Triad where if you make a sale of the high ticket product using one of the online sales funnels made in Affiliate Triad, the owners get 50% of that, which honestly seems fair to me since they do all the hard work basically.

6) Now if you’re completely new, you can still utilize the training and traffic generating methods within the program to either get traffic to these online sales funnels and promote the high ticket offers and/or you can just get the team there to do it for you and send traffic directly through your affiliate link to the offer.

7) Every time a new affiliate offer comes out, this opportunity replicates in that new online sales funnels come out promoting it, and you can leverage off that by being a member of this program.

Success stories? I found some:

Thus far, this review of Affiliate Triad shows one of their existing members making money off one of the promotions without doing much.

The tools, support, mentor calls and coaching of Affiliate Triad explained:

On top of being able to piggyback off experienced marketers and good converting online sales funnels, as a member of Affiliate Triad, you also get access to the team through Slack.

You can communicate privately with the people there and ask your questions.

In terms of tools, on top of your $399 a month membership to the program, you are also required to get an account with Kartra, which is basically an all in one tool for running an affiliate marketing business. The additional cost on top of your $399 membership would be anywhere from $99 a month to $499 a month ($1 offer for 30 days is offered).

Affiliate Triad’s website makes it clear they are affiliated with it (which I liked) and they do also reimburse you partly for your membership there (read the details on Affiliate Triad’s site here).

I know a bit about Kartra and I do know it’s a legitimate program, but do note that it is necessary for you to run your promotions with Affiliate Triad and they make it clear on their sales page too:

affiliate triad kartra screenshot

Conclusions on Affiliate Triad:

There’s a lot of things I see (and have researched) which instill confidence in me for Affiliate Triad, but in my personal experience doing affiliate marketing for so long, NOTHING beats personal education and success in this business. It’s kind of like the teaching to fish vs getting fish analogy of life. I like being in the first category.

Also, you’re welcome to read my article about done for you affiliate marketing systems to understand all the risks involved with using them.

You can certainly sign up with Affiliate Triad (if you can afford it) and see if it works for you, but to me, I’m still a major proponent of learning good affiliate marketing skills, applying them on your own, seeing the results and not ever having to buy such expensive programs like this to succeed (remember it’s not a guarantee).

Here’s what I personally do (and recommend if you’re new or don’t have a lot of money):

There’s a program called Wealthy Affiliate I strongly recommend (and promote) that teaches people affiliate marketing from the ground up. In terms of how they do it, it starts with blogging and getting traffic to it (making money off affiliate promotions there) and works it’s way up the ladder to other things like paid ads, email marketing relating topics and more.

The education this program offers is the best for it’s price (it’s free to try, but has 2 upper levels, one for $49/month and another for $99/month) and you also get personal access to experts (in this case me), but in my opinion, everything you need to learn and be a successful affiliate marketer can be learned from this program and I know this because I’m one of the products of it (a success story).

There’s also many success stories there as well which you can check out here. This is just my opinion and I am a big fan of this program.

Fortunately, you can try it for free and decide if you like it, but again, if you’re a beginner or don’t have much money, this might be a better fit for you to enter into the affiliate marketing world and succeed (it takes time and work, but it’ll make you a success if you follow what it teaches).

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