The Rebel Builders: What’s This Program Really About?

The short story is that The Rebel Builders is a program that is designed to help both network marketers and MLM promoters do better at recruiting and becoming more successful and in this post, I’d like to explain exactly how that works based on what I’ve seen.

To start, let me give some prelude context about the Rebel Builders: 

You’ve seen Zach’s ads on YouTube like I have talking about the Rebel Builders.

In that ad, Zach talks about quitting network marketing and not doing the old school recruitment thing of finding anyone anywhere through cold calling (or approaching), trying to get friends and family and so forth.

The ad goes onto explain how Zach figured out a way to get leads and recruits to him instead and build his business, downline and that his program will show you how to do the same.

That’s basically the gist of the ad and now that I’ve explained that:

Let me share 4 important disclaimers about this post on the Rebel Builders:

the rebel builders review

1) First, I actually happen to “dislike” MLM and network marketing, but I’m going to try and be as objective as possible in this post.

2) I did not buy the Rebel Builders, but I did go through the pitch pages to see what’s being offered and give you my opinion of that.

3) While I don’t do network marketing or MLM, I do affiliate marketing successfully and frankly, I advise that model above the former options for numerous reasons that I’ll explain below.

4) The truth is that whether it’s network marketing, MLM, affiliate marketing or just plain old lead generation for any means, the methods by which you succeed at any one of these business models (online) is the same (paid ads, blogging, YouTube videos and so forth).

And I can tell you a lot about the Rebel Builders based not just on what it says about how it works, but also that how I do affiliate marketing in many ways mirrors that, so while a lot of what they pitch is “veiled” in secrecy and hype, I can quickly translate what much of it means, if not the whole thing and of course if I’m wrong (which rarely happens anyway), you’re welcome to correct me below.

Here’s some background on the Rebel Builders:

1) You begin with the YouTube ad.

2) That takes you to an opt in page where Zack shares a preview of what to expect. You sign up.

3) Once you sign up, you will be taken through a 7 part sales page (yes you read that correctly) in which the gist of it is:

  • How Zack got started in network marketing and what how he learned the hard way that traditional methods to it don’t really work.
  • How what he learned and shows inside this program DOES work and the results he’s getting.
  • The last page ends up being a sign up to get more information and connect with someone for details, but the price of the program isn’t actually listed. You are just told the “value” of the program is over $17,000+ but I assume the final price is actually going to be far less, but still very expensive anyway because these types of pitches never get into that many details or effort unless there’s something expensive to pitch in my experience.

Of course, there’s much more substance than this, but that basically summarizes the 7 pages for you. You can read this from Rebel Builders here.

On a high note, I’m actually happy I saw this vs a “forced” webinar that’s also “live” for 1-2 hours which I have to watch to actually get a clear picture of what’s being sold to me.

But at the same time, I found a lot of the material on the sales page to be pretty secret and hidden in details. I don’t get any pricing, not much details on the training other than this:

rebel builders sales pitch screenshot

Now to someone who is new to this whole stuff, network marketing, online marketing, the whole business, this may seem like amazing stuff, but to me, it’s pretty easy to decode.

Here’s what I assume you get from Rebel Builders based on what I saw:

So once you go through the sales page, schedule a session and are accepted into the program, you will get the above things from the program.

Now in a moment, I’ll give you a breakdown of my opinion of what you get from this program, but in a nutshell, what I see is this:

You’ll basically learn how to market an MLM and network marketing program in a similar fashion as Zack does, meaning you’ll create a squeeze page, opt in page and funnel people to said page via paid ads. That’s really what it mostly comes down to in the end.

But let me give you my take on what I assume (based on my experience in the same fields) you get from the above training:

1) The 30 recruits a month class and funnels:

This is basically training on how to generate leads to whatever MLM or network marketing opportunity you wish to promote. You’ll likely learn paid ads and making 1 page websites to attract people to it. You’ll target the likeliest leads through paid ads, steer them into the page, collect their email and get recruits coming to you vs you coming to them.

2) Immediate Income Masterclass:

My best guess here is that you’ll get training on how to offer immediate OTO (one time offer) deals to people who act “now” when you pitch your MLM or network marketing opportunity to them. Basically this in my opinion looks like a class on getting faster sales by offering special deals to action takers (enticing quicker sales basically).

3) Facebook Ads Masterclass:

This is pretty self explanatory: You get a whole series of how to use Facebook Ads. Now it’s important to point that in the sales pitch for the Rebel Builders, Zack does talk about how Facebook Ads doesn’t like people who create ads pitching MLM programs and such, and this class helps you go around that and still find leads through this network.

You’ll learn to make ads, find the right audience on Facebook and steer them to your offer page.

4) Facebook Ads swipe file:

So here you’ll get copies of ads Zach uses and possibly email swipes to also use for the list of possible recruits you’ll collect.

5) Traffic continuing education program:

My best guess here is that you get training on multiple ways to generate traffic to your offer page and get leads to your MLM and network marketing offers. Since I do this for a living, I use multiple methods to drive traffic to my offers:

Blogging (great for free traffic). If you’re REALLY into network marketing and MLM, consider starting a blog on how to help people succeed at it. You’re very likely to get free traffic, all of which is targeted (from people who like network marketing and want to be successful at it).

YouTube videos (awesome for free traffic). Consider what Zach does in his YouTube ad, but now consider starting a YouTube channel and making free videos pitching your MLM and/or teaching people about MLM and network marketing. It’s a great way to get views and in your video’s description, you can link people to your MLM pitch.

Then there’s paid ads. Facebook Ads isn’t the only option out there. YouTube ads would be a top choice in this particular case and possibly Google Ads as well. I personally like using Bing Ads in my paid ads, and it’s probably a great way to attract possible recruits.

6) Perfect retention Secrets:

Retention in my understanding is getting customers/recruits not just to sign up, but stay in the program you pitch to them, because the longer they stay and attract other recruits into your downline, the more you can make. I assume the training here is meant to give you steps to offer your recruits bonuses, training and deals to keep them sticking around the MLM and network marketing opportunity.

7) Private coaching and zoom calls:

This is pretty self explanatory. You’ll likely get 1 on 1 help from Zach and his people for this offer. Now I also offer people coaching on affiliate marketing here if that’s something you’re interested in.

8) Automated downline system:

I’m not sure about this last offer, but what I assume it could be is an offer to join the Rebel Builders or possibly some MLM associated with it and promote that if you don’t already have an MLM you’re happy with. This my opinion, correct me if I’m wrong.

the rebel builders alternative

Conclusions on the Rebel Builders:

Based on what I’ve seen, there is opportunity in what Zach is offering, but I would expect a few things beforehand if you’re considering this program:

1) First, it’ll be pretty expensive. Not $17,000, but in the $1,000’s.

2) Second, Facebook Ads and most lead generation methods REQUIRE you spend more (on top of buying into the program) for the actual ads and this can quickly become an expensive thing unless you’re able to convert recruits into paying members, so have a big budget if you’re ready for this.

3) Third, I do not think the attributed value of the training I listed above is actually worth that. I think it’s actually worth less, but that’s not meant to diminish the program. I just often see people put value labels on stuff they promote to make people think it’s worth more than it is and the higher a program’s value is listed at, the more I assume it’s not really worth that much in my opinion.

4) Fourth, I am again not a fan of MLM. I prefer affiliate marketing vs MLM for these reasons and for me, something like the Rebel Builders isn’t a program I would be involved with and if you’re someone who is on the fence of whether to get into MLM or not, know that it takes work, time and has risks (monetary risks especially).

Why I prefer affiliate marketing over what Rebel Builder teaches:

1) So with affiliate marketing, there are similarities to MLM programs in that you are also a promoter and earn commissions, but the most distinct difference is that there’s no downlines.

2) This may seem like a disadvantage, but in my opinion, it’s ridiculously tough to get recruits and keep them, let alone rely on your recruits to get their own recruits to make you more money. It’s far better to stick to regular 1 tier promotion models because that carries less headaches (in my opinion).

3) As an affiliate marketer, you can be a promoter of products and services, and not have to get into the whole recruitment thing (this makes certain people uncomfortable and I understand why). You can promote literally anything as an affiliate marketer.

4) You can build an affiliate marketing business in any topic you love. I often find people get involved with MLM programs and similar programs in these fields (including high ticket affiliate marketing opportunities) that just do it because it pays them more, and not because they actually like it.

5) If you have a PASSION for a hobby or topic in life, with affiliate marketing, you can build a business out of that and your passion is literally one of the MAIN key factors to success. For example, love camping?

Build an affiliate marketing business promoting camping products. And just as well, there’s 10,000+ topics to choose from.

Your passion is key to online success and with MLM programs, I don’t see passion so much as I see people looking to just make money and that’s a key reason why many people fail at it in my opinion.

If you would like to get started with affiliate marketing, there’s 1 program I highly recommend which is Wealthy Affiliate.

Now a few interesting things to note about it are:

  1. It’s free to try.
  2. It’s training will teach you about making an affiliate business in anything you love in life.
  3. The training is equally applicable to promoting MLM and network marketing opportunities, but you don’t need to spend a ton of money to learn that. In fact, me sharing how I know to promote stuff online comes from Wealthy Affiliate and I didn’t need to pay a ton to share that info with you. Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to do this, and I can apply that training to promote anything I want, MLM related or not.

And there’s tons more benefits, but you can learn more about Wealthy Affiliate here. Other than that, I’ll update this post on the Rebel Builders as more info comes in, but I’m pretty confident based on what I saw, most if not all of what I said is pretty accurate.

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