Are There Any Legit Link Posting Jobs or Are They All Scams?

Folks, I hate to say it, but most if not all link posting jobs are scams and I’m going to share with you why that is, but also share what a legit way of doing it is.

You see, I am actually someone who understands how link posting actually works, as I do it from what is known as affiliate marketing (about me), where I promote products online by posting links on my blogs, YouTube videos and so forth to get people buying from them (see my income reports).

While this is one of the few legitimate ways of doing it, in my experience, it is not pitched this way by places and even fake job opportunity ads and sites and this is getting a lot of people involved in scams and losing money.

My “job” in this article is to help you understand what’s what in this realm and help you correctly distinguish the right ways to make money from link posting.

link posting job opportunities and jobs

What is a link posting job?

It’s an “opportunity” which involves you getting certain links that promote a company or service and posting it across the internet. Money can be made 2 ways with this:

  • First, you can get paid for each link you post (or bulk, like posting a 100 links across different sites).
  • Second, it can involve you being an affiliate for the company, posting the links across the internet, and for each click the link/s get that turn into a sale, you get paid a commission.

Why link posting jobs are usually a scam (the bait and switch):

In my investigations of these “opportunities” over the years, I have never actually seen the first opportunity exist. It’s only the second, but it’s the way it’s advertised that makes it a scam. Let me explain:

In the realm and context of link posting jobs, the second option above is what is typically used for compensation, but unfortunately, is pitched as though it’s the first option. Here’s what I mean:

1) You stumble onto a website that says they’ll pay you for posting links (some garbage about post 100 links, make $100).

2) You sign up to this opportunity (and usually pay something like $97 for it to get access).

3) You then find out that you’re promoting some company or service and get links to do it (No more post 100 links and get paid $100, that’s not real).

4) You go out and post these links across different places like blogs, forums, YouTube video comments and more.

5) You make no money because these are typically spam tactics (which you aren’t aware of usually) and most of the time, most places where you post these links are removed and you are banned or kicked out of the channels because you violated their spam policies.

Only then do you discover that the link posting “job” you signed up with was just a ploy to get you to spend money to go down this hole of becoming a spammer with or without you knowing it and that is typically how it goes.

Here is an example of what one of these scams looks like:

link posting job scam

In other words, link posing jobs are scams because:

  1. You’re led to believe you actually get paid for posting the link (like the image above).
  2. When in reality, you get paid only when someone who clicks on those links buys the product and that usually never happens because you are spamming and getting kicked out of channels where you post the links.

This is usually how link posting “jobs” turn out for most people:

In the end, you lose money but the company (usually fake companies) which advertise these “jobs” get paid because you fell for their scam making you think you were going to get paid for literally posting a link.

The extra deceptions added on top of the link posting scams:

  • Many “companies” that pitch this method are fake sites to begin with.
  • These fake sites never use their real images or faces.
  • These fake opportunities also advertise scam companies on the back end.
  • There’s tons of deceptive advertising happening there.

I can keep going on and on, but let’s face it, at this point, how much more do I need to prove that this is a scam?

Link posting itself can be legitimate. It’s the “job” part that’s a scam in all of this:

Let me explain how link posting can actually be legitimate and why you need to stay away from any place that says it’ll be a “job” for you:

  1. Firstly, I run this particular website (it’s my own online business).
  2. I get visitors every single day to it.
  3. On this website, I post affiliate links which lead to places I’m promoting (Wealthy Affiliate).
  4. Each time someone joins Wealthy Affiliate through my links on this site and upgrade, I get paid.
  5. This is not a job, but a business. And affiliate marketing is mistaken as a job very often.

The key to making this all work is knowing how to build a website and how to get visitors to it, and that itself is a process, not a simple, quick way to make money.

This specific site for example took a good year to develop to where it’s at today and while it’s doing alright, I am continually having to work on it to have it grow in both traffic and profits, because none of my affiliate link posting efforts would work if the site didn’t get traffic.

And so if you are to become successful at actually posting links…

It has to be in the form of affiliate marketing and promoting them intelligently across your own platforms (like an affiliate blog, or a YouTube channel where you do affiliate marketing), not through third party sites like other people’s blogs, other people’s YouTube videos (comments section), forums or even emails.

And the latter thing is what the scam job opportunities pitching the concept of posting links try to make you believe. I used to investigate these places on a daily basis on my other website and at one point in time, they used to sprout every single day.

New sites, pitching a scam opportunity on posting links, but then bait and switching it to doing affiliate marketing in the worst way possible.

To conclude on this subject of link posting (what to do next):

You have basically 2 options:

1) If you’re still on the fence about link posting “jobs” and think they are real, I strongly advise you re-read this article and understand that you’re going to be a victim to these scams sooner or later (more than once in some cases).

They don’t exist because companies aren’t stupid enough to hire people to literally post links, knowing it’s spam and that they’ll lose money on the labor. The scam companies in this context however are sneaky enough to make you believe it’s a job when in the end you are just an affiliate for them.

My advice: Don’t even bother with these places. Save your money and get a regular job.

2) Or you can learn things like affiliate marketing the legitimate way and getting training on building your own online business in this realm, but understanding that it’s not a quick way of making money.

My advice: Go this route if you’re serious about building an online business, but don’t expect to make money quickly or gamble on this being your only way of succeeding. If you’re into this, start with Wealthy Affiliate to learn this.

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