Chad B Training Affiliate Marketing Boss Review

Affiliate Marketing Boss by Chad B Training is a new program out now that I decided to check out and in this review will be sharing what I thought about it and if I recommend it.

In short, there is a lot of good stuff about this program and depending on the type of person you are, this program may be good for you.

But if it isn’t, I do have another alternative which I think might be more open ended on opportunities and befitting more groups of people. But before we jump to that, let me explain Affiliate Marketing Boss a little bit better for you:

A summary and quick review of Affiliate Marketing Boss:

affiliate marketing boss chad b training review


Affiliate Marketing Boss by Chad B Training.


Chad Bartlett.


$0 to start but requires you first join a program called Builderall (14 day trial available).

Then the program charges you $69+ a month and there are other optional upsells in the program which range from $100-$997 in costs.

My rating for Affiliate Marketing Boss: 4 out of 5 stars

I was actually pretty impressed by the value, training and overall honesty Chad delivered in his pitch for this program and what I saw on the back end. However, this program and the Builderall system might not be for everyone which I will explain a bit more later in the review.


affiliate marketing boss alternative

What is Affiliate Marketing Boss? Here’s a fully detailed review:

For starters, I saw Chad’s YouTube ad regarding his program and was happy to see that when I clicked through to see his offer, that I didn’t have to watch another 2 hour “live” webinar like I usually have to for other programs I review.

Instead, Chad gave you a short 10 minute+ pitch on what he’s offering and here it is:

1) Chad explains how he’s affiliated with a program called Builderall which is basically a competitor and alternative to Clickfunnels.

2) Chad then explains how this program applies to a big niche in the online world which is digital marketing and online business and offers recurring commissions for it’s affiliates (which he is one off).

3) He explains how one of the best ways to succeed in online business and in affiliate marketing is by promoting one good product which offers recurring commissions (like Builderall). I do mostly agree with this since one of my main promotions is Wealthy Affiliate which also offers recurring commissions (but there are some exceptions and it’s important for this context as I’ll explain shortly).

4) Anyway what Chad offers is joining the Builderall program for a 14 day free trial under his affiliate link and in exchange, you will get free access to his Affiliate Marketing Boss program which will show you how he promotes the Builderall program. This will give you the same tools and techniques he uses to promote the program so you too can be an affiliate for it.

Now this part of the Affiliate Marketing Boss review showcases the members area:

I did sign up for a 14 day trial with this program because I want to do a thorough review of it later, but for now, I am going to stick to Affiliate Marketing Boss and what I saw inside. Here’s a screenshot of the members area:

affiliate marketing boss members area screenshot

So in short, like I said earlier, Affiliate Marketing Boss provides tools, services and training to help you promote Builderall successfully and without going into too many details, here is a summary of some of those methods:

YouTube Ads. You are shown how through the YouTube Ads platform to promote Builderall.

Google Ads. You are given access to a third part service (which costs $100+) to promote Builderall for you.

Facebook Ads. There are several lessons provided (pretty good content) on making ads on Facebook and promoting this program to people there.

Other methods such as YouTube Affiliate marketing and Tik Tok are provided but for some reason I couldn’t see the training and was taken to completely different pages in this program. Maybe there’s an internal link error going on, but overall, based on what I did see regarding promoting Builderall, Affiliate Marketing Boss does a pretty good job of it.

You do have mostly paid methods offered to promote this service, which I’m not a huge fan of, but there are also free methods available which I would say are better if you’re a beginner in this (or have little money to start).

Upsells are offered to join Builderall for a yearly plan (but a discount and bonuses are offered if you do).


  • Chad honestly stuck me as a pretty transparent guy.
  • Chad is upfront about his promotion of Builderall.
  • Most of what Chad says about affiliate marketing, I agree with.
  • Builderall at first glance seems like a good tool to promote.
  • 14 day free trail available as is access to Affiliate Marketing Boss if you join.


  • I don’t think promoting Builderall is for everyone.
  • Several methods involve spending pretty big money on paid ads (no guarantees which is the case for everything).

Conclusions on Affiliate Marketing Boss:

I genuinely like what Chad created with Affiliate Marketing Boss (that’s a link to his site) and I do believe that if you’re passionate about the digital marketing business niche and believe in the Builderall program, that Affiliate Marketing Boss can benefit you and help you make money there.

However, one big con to note in my experience is that success in affiliate marketing is highly based on choosing a niche you know a lot about and this particular program is geared towards promoting a digital marketing business in that specific niche.

This means that if you’re someone who has no clue about digital marketing or passion for it, then I don’t think Builderall or Affiliate Marketing Boss is for you.

Even though the niche is certainly profitable and the Affiliate Marketing Boss program is good, your lack of passion for this specific niche can be a huge nail in your step to success. I know this because I’ve done affiliate marketing for a very long time and this is one of the key lessons I learned.

Alternatives: Wealthy Affiliate vs Affiliate Marketing Boss.

chad b affiliate marketing other alternative 02

So like Chad, I actually do similar affiliate marketing work and in this case, I promote Wealthy Affiliate like he promotes Builderall and similarly, Wealthy Affiliate has a free trial offer to check out like Builderall does.

However, a few key differences in Wealthy Affiliate which I honestly think make it a better choice are the following things:

1) Their training (which is very high quality) has much more cost effective, beginner friendly methods to make money online (it’s mainly through affiliate niche blogs).

2) One of the main pros of Wealthy Affiliate is that they help people isolate their unique niche topics vs going into a “profitable one” they may not necessarily know anything about. Combining this important element with good training to build an affiliate business out of it, you have a much bigger range of topics to make your successful online business off.

3) The tools in Wealthy Affiliate are similar to the stuff you find in Builderall, but in my opinion are better for most beginner online business owners (a website, hosting, training, other tools, ect…).

4) Wealthy Affiliate has a massive support and help system in place to help people of all online business levels succeed. This is something that no other program matches.

So overall, if you don’t see yourself as an experienced or passionate person about the niche of digital marketing, and there’s another topic you really love like a hobby, then I honestly think Wealthy Affiliate might be a better choice for you to try vs Affiliate Marketing Boss and Builderall.

Yes I am promoting the program, but I am trying to give you as unbiased as a perspective as possible on this. But you’re welcome to ask me below what you think.

Either way, the great news is that both programs are good in my opinion (even great) and depending on which choice you go with, you can at least try them for free to decide for yourself.

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    • Hi Anabel, the answer is no. Wealthy Affiliate’s costs are very low and affordable (free to try, $49/month for premium and $99/month for Premium Plus). There are yearly deals available for each membership, but even then, it’s nothing crazy.

  1. Hi.
    Kindly advise whether I can have success with Wealthy Affiliate from South Africa.

    I would really like to start an online business.


  2. Thanks a lot ,I found your to be true and that WA is definitely a much better training course however I would like for you to tell me what other training course packages are out there that are equivalent or better than WA on the market as you did not mention in your research study. I somehow felt that you should of mentioned at least 10 other companies that also offers similar packages. I understand that you are somehow trying to market WA because you are affiliated to them but if you don’t mind, will you still be able to provide me with the information that I’m asking for. Thank you.

    • Hi Mor, so I have a recommended tab here where you can see many programs I do recommend. The reason I like WA above ALL of these options is simply because I think it’s really the best place to learn affiliate marketing from. Not only that, it’s cheaper than any other good program I’ve found and offers way more value, for less than anything else.

      So if you’re asking me if there’s programs I do recommend, the answer is yes (not many though). If you’re asking me about something better than WA, in my personal opinion there isn’t. It really is the best.


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